Midweek Manicure // Adventures in Plaid

Happy Hump Day!

Plaid Nail Tape Mani

This was a relatively ambitious one. I used nail tape to achieve the plaid design. I’m in a love hate relationship with nail tape at this point. Has anyone else used it? How do you get it to not want to peel off after a few days?! Apparently multiple coats of top coat are not enough?  Anyway…

In addition to a top and base coat , I used:

Blue and Silver Plaid Mani

To start, after a base coat I painted each nail with two coats of Keeping Suzi At Bay. Once dry, I started, one nail at a time, by cutting short strips of nail tape, and taping them on my nail in the pattern above to create a plaid effect. I used cuticle nippers to cut the nail tape in strips that were initially a bit longer than the area I needed them to cover. Once I placed the tape, I used cuticle nippers to cut it to the right length. Then one, two, three coats of top coat (!! – I had to get the tape to stay stuck down!) and I was ready to go.

Plaid Nails

They took me a while, but I think it was worth the effort (although some people might start to think I have too much time on my hands…)

Blue and Silver Plaid Nails



Midweek Manicure // Chanel Couture

My own take on the Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2012 mani. A little late to the party I guess, but better late than never!

Chanel Houte Couture 2012 Nail Art

I used:

Silver and Teal Mani

First I painted the silver on the whole nail, then painted on a coat of the teal just in the middle of the nail, so that the silver was still showing around the edges. THEN I decided I’d switch it up a bit, and painted a line of the silver across the tips of my nails and ended up with this:

Silver and Teal Chanel Mani

I’m not sure which look I like better! Thoughts?



DIY Lace Tiles

A few weeks ago I  played around with some spray paint and lace to create these pretty lace tiles that I have used to decorate our fireplace mantle.

Lace Tiles on Mantle 2

I intend to use them as a pretty backdrop, behind the white vases and picture frames I’m going to fill the mantle up with.

All you need are a few ceramic tiles (I got several at Home Depot for about 16 cents each), sandpaper to gently scuff up the tiles, spray paint, lace, scissors, and a board and strong glue (like gorilla glue) if you want to mount the tiles like I did (but that part is up to you). Here’s a step-by-step synopsis.

Lace Tile Supplies

First I got my little newspaper lined workstation all ready outside. Complete with some random sticks to keep the paper from blowing away.  I laid out the tiles and cut pieces of lace to the size/shape I wanted.

White Tiles on Newspaper

I found that if I scuffed up the tiles with sandpaper first, then sprayed them with a white “primer” the lace had something tacky to cling to and so it stayed down better when I sprayed the silver on top of the lace. I arranged the pieces of lace differently on each primed tile.

Lace on Tile

Once I had the lace positioned the way I wanted on the various tiles, I sprayed silver spray paint over the top of each tile.

Tile Sprayed Silver

Once the silver spray paint was almost dry, but still a bit tacky, I removed the lace.

Tile After Removing Lace

After the tiles were dry, I decided I wanted to arrange them on a long horizontal board to put on the mantle, so D cut me a long narrow piece of Masonite, the same width as the tiles but a bit longer than all of them lined up together, so I could give them a 1/4 of space between. Then I spent far too much time trying to arrange them so that they didn’t look so…arranged.

Several Lace Tiles

I glued them to the board with some gorilla glue and left them to set overnight with a bunch of books piled on top of them to make sure they were weighed down enough to adhere properly.

Lace Tiles on Mantle

Ta-dah! You could even use the tiles as coasters, or for several other DIY decorating projects. I like how these have started to spruce up the stone chimney stack. If anyone has any other ideas about how to liven up this space I’d love to hear them!

Happy Friday!