A Short NYC Getaway

I thought I’d share a few non-iphone photos from our 3 day trip to NYC at the beginning of July.

Central Park NYC

One of our first stops on the first day was Central Park. The weather was beautiful.

Central Park NYC

This view (also from Central Park) was one of my husband’s favorites. Something about how the building with the two towers was used in the movie Ghostbusters…

Times Square, NYC

Our hotel was in Times Square, and very close to Broadway (we saw Wicked on Broadway our second night in the City, it was fantastic).  We were close to just about everything, and Times Square at night is certainly a [very busy] sight to behold.

Martha Stewart at Today Show

On the morning of my birthday, the Hubby and I headed over to the Today Show Plaza near Rockefeller Center to catch the Today Show (my favorite)! As luck would have it, we managed to park ourselves right behind an area where Matt Lauer would be hosting a short segment with Martha Stewart. We took pictures of her, she took pictures of us, it was awesome.

Jeff Koons' Split Rocker

After the show, we walked around Rockefeller Center for a bit. Jeff Koons’ “Split Rocker” is on display in the center, covered in flowers. I can only imagine how lovely it will look when all of the flowers are in full bloom.

Food Truck in NYC

Food trucks galore in NYC. I wish we had more like this in New England.

Econo Lodge Times Square

This was our hotel in the City. In terms of price and location, it really can’t be beat. The staff was friendly and the room, although very small, was clean and had all of the necessities. Although it may lack a lot of the fancy frills that many pricey NYC hotels probably have, I found it to be a perfect place for D and I to stay. Saving on the hotel definitely allowed us to have more fun (and more food) elsewhere!

Top of the ROck, NYC

Later on in the day (on our second day), we headed back to Rockefeller Center to head to the Top of the Rock and take in some beautiful views of the NYC skyline. From the 69th (I think) floor we had great views of the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center site, the Statue of Liberty and the rest of lower Manhattan. On the north side of the roof deck were great views of uptown, including Central Park. That same night we went to see Wicked.

Mood Fabric NYC

Before we left Midtown on our last day, I decided I needed to have a fangirl moment and visit Mood Fabrics. Those of you who watch Project Runway will recognize this place right away. When the show is filmed in NYC, this is where the designers shop for their fabrics before challenges on the show! I even met the little dog, Swatch, who roams the store.

9/11 Memorial NYC

On our final day in the city, we took the subway downtown and visited the 9/11 Memorial. The memorial itself is breathtaking and does a great job in conveying a sense of sorrow, peace and resilience all at the same time.

9/11 Memorial Birthday Rose

At the memorial, a white rose is placed by the name of the deceased on what would have been their birthday.

City Hall Subway Station NYC

We took the subway to get to and from downtown (the R train I believe), as we were catching a train back toward home at Grand Central Station later that day.

New York Harbor

Our last little excursion was on the Staten Island Ferry. We had great views of the shoreline from the New York Harbor, and the ferry passes right by the Statue of Liberty. Best of all, the ferry is FREE and runs on a very convenient schedule, about every 30 minutes or so back and forth to Staten Island.

Staten Island Ferry Boat

We took the Ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island, then got off and back on again to head back to Manhattan. We rode the same ferry both times.

Life Jackets on Staten Island Ferry

I loved how the life jackets looked, stored overhead on the boat deck.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, in all her glory.

Although it was a short trip, it was a lot of fun. We packed a lot of sightseeing and activities into a few short (and HOT) days. I certainly dragged my husband all over midtown – and I love him for putting up with me. And…

Liberty-IslandI learned how to make a GIF, ya’ll! Ha. It’s actually not too difficult but I’m still proud of myself. This one isn’t too exciting, but I like it anyway.




Trot Trot to Boston

Several weeks ago my my mom, stepfather, D and I all traveled into Boston to attend the Phantom Gourmet’s annual Hot Dog Safari charity event. Along with holding many annual food events in and around Boston, the Phantom Gourmet television show runs on New England television Saturday and Sunday mornings and features local eateries and their delicious dishes. The “Phantom” samples dishes from restaurants and diners throughout New England and then gives them ratings. The Hot Dog Safari featured rows of food vendors lined up down Lansdowne Street in Boston, outside of Fenway Park. Vendors served up hot dogs, ice cream, chicken pot pie and other treats to benefit the Joey Fund and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Hot Dog Safari Tickets

We took the train into Boston which is always the best way to travel around the city, IMHO.

Boston T Map

Once we got to Lansdowne Street we stood in line for a bit, waved to some of the TV cameras taping for the show, and were given free hats!

K and D

Mom and Ron

While standing in line was saw both Dan and Dave Andelman – owners of Phantom Gourmet, Inc and hosts on the TV show.

Dave Andelman

We all ate our share of hot dogs, and pizza, and chicken pot pie (the pot pie is kind of random, right? But it was really good…). My favorite were the desserts (of course), especially the Richardson’s Ice cream. I tried the Phantom Berry flavor.

Richardsons Phantom Berry Ice Cream

The restaurants and bars on Lansdowne Street were also open during the Safari, so we took the opportunity to check out the Bleacher Bar, which features a view out into Fenway Park from center field! It was pretty cool. It must be hard to get in there on a game day.

Family at the Bleacher Bar

Fenway from Bleacher Bar

After we’d had our fill, we decided to stroll around the city a bit more before heading home.

Boston Architecture

Some random Boston architecture…

Paper Source

A stop at Paper Source. Awesome store – I need to go back! I picked up some envelopes and paper for wedding invites on this visit. :)

Prayers on a gate

Each little strip of fabric tied to this fence outside of a church represented a prayer for families all over the world. Not sure how much it had to do with the Boston Bombings. I should have taken a photo of the sign that had more information on it.

Quincy Market

Then we made our way to Quincy Market.

Grapes at Quincy Market

And Faneuil Hall.

Faneuil Hall

Lastly, a stop at the Union Oyster House before calling it a day and heading back to the T.