DIY Holiday Decor // Rose Gold Reindeer

Rose gold reindeer on mantle

Hi! I come to you today with a different sort of paper crafting experiment that I did over the weekend. Some of you may remember my bright, sparkly, reindeer DIY from several years back. For that project, I sketched a reindeer image onto a large canvas, covered it in Mod Podge,added lots of sequins, and stuck it on my fireplace mantle. Something about antlers and sparkles screams Christmas to me. That’s normal, right?

This year, I thought I’d do something a little different, but mostly the same. I used the same subject matter, but made a smaller version and used a different technique, and I love how it turned out!

Foiled deer holiday decor

To start, I google image-searched “reindeer silhouette” until I found a simple image that I liked. I then printed it out with a toner ink printer (NOT an ink-jet or other kind of printer) onto some cardstock. I needed this to print with toner ink because I planned to foil it with my Minc foil applicator (though you could try using reactive foil and a general laminating machine for this as well). I had some 5″x7″ picture frames hanging around and wanted to use those, so I made sure to cut the printed sheet down to a size that would fit inside my frame. I got the frames at the dollar store, so this project was really inexpensive, too!

Foiled deer holiday decor

I ended up making two framed reindeer. For this first one I chose some rose gold foil. I cut a piece of the foil, layered it over my appropriately-sized panel, put it in a carrier sheet and ran it through my Minc to fuse the foil onto the printed image. I have the larger-size Minc, but the Mini Minc would be perfectly for this, too.

Foiled deer holiday decor

I chose a different reindeer silhouette and some gold foil for a second image, and then put both in frames. One lives on the fireplace mantle and the other in the dining room.

Gold and rose gold foiled reindeer

I love the chic look of these decorations, and they were so simple and quick to make! The beauty of this project is that you can use this technique with any subject matter and with any size frame – as long as the panel will fit though whatever size Minc machine you have!

I have a few other holiday decor DIY ideas in mind – we’ll see if they make it off the ground. Never enough time!


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Christmas Decor DIY // Bright Sparkly Reindeer

I am starting to enjoy decorating for Christmas, Operation Christmas Cheer seems to be working. As the last few years have gone by, I’ve started to accumulate some of my own decorations, but I still don’t have too many. That’s where making some of my own comes in. The idea came to me after flipping through a Target ad I got in the mail, but it also may or may not have been inspired by Pinterest. I feel like I’ve seen something similar but can’t remember where. Anywayz.

Glitter Christmas Reindeer

All you need is:

  • a printout of a reindeer silhouette
  • scissors
  • canvas (I used 12×16)
  • pencil
  • Elmer’s glue
  • foam or bristle brush
  • glitter

Sparkling Reindeer

First I printed out the deer silhouette large enough to fit on the canvas (I had to print it in two pieces and then tape it together). Cut the silhouette out and used it as a template to trace the shape onto the canvas. Once I was finished with that, I used a foam paintbrush to paint glue inside the traced lines then sprinkled the silver glitter inside. Once it dried I cleaned up the edges and propped it up on my mantle.

Sparkly Reindeer on Mantle

I’ll definitely be keeping it to set out for years to come. It was a bit difficult to capture the glittery-ness in the photographs but it’s definitely super sparkly. I just have to figure out how to use my new camera like a pro. I used the same glitter here that I used on my glittery mani in this week’s midweek manicure. Love. I’ll tell ya’ll about the paper garland I also made for the mantle next week!

Will you be making any decorations this season??