Midweek Manicure // Nude + Neon Polka Dots

Hi Hi. I think I’ve changed my nail polish about 4 times in the last 5 days. I’m having a nail art identity crisis. Last night, I settled on an easy polka dot mani. This pattern is kind of my go-to because it’s relatively easy to execute with some practice but it still looks like you put a lot of effort in. Not to mention, I love the combo of nude and neon colors. (warning: cell phone photos ahead…)

nude and neon pink polka dots mani

I used:

  • Finger Paints Blank Canvas Cream (nude base)
  • Finger Paints Watermelon Watercolor (any bright neon pink will do!)
  • Dotting tool (a toothpick would work, too)

After two coats of your desired base color, dot on your neon polish using a dotting tool or tooth pick. Most of the time, I start with dots at the base of my nail, then move up row by row. I start with two dots at the base of my nail, then the row above will have three dots placed on the in-between spaces of the previous row. I finished it off with a top coat of Orly Nail Defense.

polka dot nail art

You can check out some of the polka dot mani’s I’ve shared previously: here, here and here. :)




Midweek Manicure // Colorful Dots

Colorful Dots Mani

One last summer-time hurrah for the nails! I used Essie Sand Tropez as a base coat, then dotted on different colors of polish in different sized dots to get a cute bubbly look. For the dots I used Essie Lapiz of Luxury (the blue), Spolied by Wet n Wild in the color Lox-y Lady (the pink), and Spoiled by Wet n Wild’s Designated Driver (the yellow). Now onto the richer jewel-tones for fall!


Midweek Manicure – Stars and…Dots!

Happy Independence Day! I’m looking forward to a day full of parades, cookouts and fireworks! Here’s a Stars and Stripes inspired midweek manicure:

Independence Day Stars and Dots Mani

I painted Orly’s Red Flare on each nail except my ring finger and thumb. On those fingers, I painted white starts and then filled in some of the empty space with blue polka dots using China Glaze First Mate. I topped it off with Essie No Chips Ahead which I’m trying out for the very first time. So far, so good!

Happy 4th!