Midweek Manicure // Lots of Lines

Happy Wednesday! This week I’m sharing a free-handed mani that really challenged my ability to paint straight lines:

Diagonal Lines Mani

I used:

Once the base color was dry, I’d generally start with the lines by painting one diagonal line across the nail so that I had a starting point to work from.

Lines and Stripes Mani How-To

Then I’d continue to paint lines parallel to the first line above or below it. Next, I’d paint lines going perpendicular to the first lineĀ  in the space on my nail opposite from where the parallel lines were. Sometimes I’d start lines going in a third direction. I tried to have each nail look a little bit different.

Black Lines Nail Art

I really like how it came out and surprisingly it didn’t take too long. The only problem I had (I always do this) is that I didn’t wait long enough for the black lines to dry and they got a little streaky when I added a top coat. Oh well. patience is a virtue, need to work on that…

Lines Mani

What do you think? Will you give it a try?