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DIY Confetti Bags for New Years Eve

I hope everyone had a merry and blessed Christmas! Mine was great. Lots of family time and lots of good food. I think I’m finally coming down off of the 4 day sugar high I was on, too.

I’m just popping by today to share this great idea for a quick and easy New Years DIY that I saw this morning on the LawnFawn YouTube channel. I loved it so much I had to share.

I just love how fun and colorful the confetti bags are. They add a nice hand-made touch to a new years celebration, yet they look super easy to make. I wish I had thought of them myself! Since I’ll be celebrating at someone else’s house on New Years Eve, and won’t have to clean up, I might have to make some of these bags to bring along…. :)

And just in case you’re looking for some more easy New Year DIY projects here are a few others that I love:


DIY, Inspiration

Inspiration Sunday // DIYs for a new year

It’s almost 2013! Big plans for next year – working harder at losing weight and eating right, making sure I don’t over-extend myself (i.e. learning its OK to say ‘no’), annnnd… I’ll be getting married! Lots to do in that department. But first, here are some fun DIY’s. Not sure if D and I will be going anywhere to celebrate, but I’ll be having such a fancy New Years Eve party in my head at least…

Cranberry Pear Rum Cooler

Confetti Balloons

Star Applique Stirring Sticks

1.// Cranberry Pear Rum Cooler from the Little Kitchen. 2.// Confetti-Filled Balloons from Ruffled. 3.// Sequined Applique Stir Sticks from Somewhere Splendid. 4.// Funfetti Mashmallows from Raspberri Cupcakes.