Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Well, 2013 was a whirlwind year for me. It just went by so quickly (almost too quickly), mostly because I spent the better part of the year focused on our wedding which took place at the end of September. In addition to all of the time I spent DIY-ing and trolling wedding inspiration boards on pinterest, a lot of other great things were happening for me, too. I started in a new position at work that I love, we moved, I made some new friends and forged stronger relationships with old ones, and even went on a few weekend camping adventures in between – and I can’t forget our amazing honeymoon trip to Costa Rica. Still, the best part of it all was marrying my very best friend. I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!

According to wordpress, people from 157 countries visited this blog in 2013 and I had over 100,000 views this past year. To most big bloggers that’s maybe not a lot, but since blogging  is strictly a hobby for me, it’s so awesome (in the truest sense of the word) that other people actually come to visit my little part of the internet world and are interested in what I have to share. For that I am so grateful. In the year to come, I hope to share even more engaging, fun and creative stuff.

I wish you all a happy and successful 2014! May all your dreams come true!



2013 Resolutions

Inspired by this blog post, I’ve made a list of my goals for the upcoming year using the word resolution itself. It’s easier that way.

New Years Champagne

This year I resolve to:

Read more novels.

Eat more salad! I’ve already had two salads in the last two days, so that one is off to a good start I suppose.

Save more and shop less. It’s time to start really putting money away to pay for the wedding. The daily urge to internet shop will have to take a back seat for a while.

Organize, organize, organize. Time to whip my craft corner (and many other corners in the house) into shape, and keep them that way.

Let go of my cell phone every once in a while.

Unite my body and my brain. That U one was a tuffy. Essentially the idea is that I have all this knowledge in my head about eating right and putting good stuff into my body, but I don’t always do what I’m supposed to. Need to work on that. And, you know, that whole positive body image thing…

Teach myself how to use my dslr camera so that I can start uploading some really nice photos on the blog :)

Invest in some ‘me’ time (see here).

Offer help to those who need it.

Notice (and be thankful for) beauty in the small and simple things that surround me every day. Enough of this rushing through life stuff!

Do you have any resolutions this year? Let me know in the comments!