Midweek Manicure // Mummies for Halloween

I was so excited. Finally a midweek manicure and it could be Halloween themed! Then, the design didn’t really come out as nicely as I had planned. But, I’m just going to grin and bear it…


Mummy Halloween Nails

I used:

  • Base Coat – any old base coat will do
  • Essie Licorice for the solid black painted nails
  • Milani White striper polish for the Mummy fingers
  • Milani Black striper polish for the mummy eyes
  • Top Coat – any old top coat will do

Halloween Nails

After painting the solid black nails, I used the white striper polish to paint lines diagonally and horizontally across each nail that I’d decided was going to be a mummy, making sure to leave a little gap wherever I’d decided i wanted to paint in little eyes peeking out. Then, I used the black striper polish to make little black dots for the eyes, then once that dried, I put a smaller white dot inside the larger black dot. After it all dried I finished it off with a top coat.

I hope everyone has a happy Halloween!