Midweek Manicure // Clearly Tribal

Colorful Tribal Mani

Lately I’ve been toying around with simple colorful designs, and just practicing my line work. I had also recently purchased the colorful, Summer-y polishes at CVS and really wanted to use all three colors together.

I used:

Clear Tribal Nails

This is another design based on doodling. I used the nail art pen to draw a few lines and patterns on each nail, and then used the individual brushes in each polish, or a dotting tool, to fill in the negative space. Once it was all dry, I used a few dabs of top coat to affix some nail art studs, then painted over everything with some more top coat.

Happy Wednesday!



Midweek Manicure // Black and White

Sometimes, if I’m in need of some inspiration, I’ll do a search on instagram for #nails. Lots of great images always come back! I found a photo of some great black and white nail art and knew I wanted to try it (you can see the original image here).

black and white geo maniI used:

  • Essie Marshmallow
  • Milani Black striper polish

After two coats of Marshmallow, I painted patterns in black on my ring and thumb of my left hand, and on my index and ring fingers on my left hand. Then I instagramed it :)

#nails on instagram

black and white nail art

I’d love to see some of the nail art YOU do, or some of the inspiration you find! Share images on the MixedMethod facebook page or tag me in your photos (@mixedmethod) on instagram!



Midweek Manicure // Leopard Print Tips

Leopard Print Nails

These were fun. I love animal print on my nails. I’m sick this week and my brain is not working correctly so I can’t think of much more to write about this mani…

I used:

Leopard Print Step 1

After a clear base coat, I painted two coats of Essie Sand Tropez along the top half of my nails, as you see above. Then, I used the brush of the Jafra Mocha Cream polish to dab on small circle-ish dots in a random pattern.

Leopard Print Step 2

Before adding a topcoat, I used the Black Milani polish to outline the brown spots. Make sure you don’t outline the dots the whole way around. In order for the spots to resemble leopard print, you should only outline two or three ‘sides’ or each dot, and don’t let the lines connect all of the time. I also added small black dots here and there.

Leopard Print Step 3

Once dry, add a top coat and you’re done! meow.



Midweek Manicure // Yellow Lines

Spring is officially here, although you might not know it if you live in New England. Right now it feels like a balmy 32 degrees outside. But, I am defying the weather by wearing bright pink pants and colorful nail art. This week I’m sharing an easy-to-do  colorful yellow and white(ish) Spring mani:

Yellow Lines Nail Art

I used:

Milani Yellow and Essie Mashmallow

I started with two coats of marshmallow and then when that was dry just started painting lines with the yellow in various directions across my nails.

Yellow Lines Nail Art How-To

(this is the kind of nail design that will warrant a little bit of clean-up at the end. Just use a nail brush (or a small paintbrush from Michaels – that’s what I use), dip it in nail polish remover and run it it around the edges of your nail – anywhere you’ve gotten polish where it isn’t supposed to be!

Yellow Lines Nail Art

And there you have it! I’d love to see some other early spring-inspired nail art. Feel free to share!



[LATE] Midweek Manicure // Easter Eggs

Finally posting this week’s mani! I’m frustrated about the fact that I wasn’t able to get it up until now, but sometimes life gets in the way. This week I tried some fun Easter-egg designs for the upcoming holiday.

Easter Egg Nail Art

I used:

I first painted two coats of the Portia then used the Milani polish to create different designs on each nail. I used a dotting tool for the polka-dot nails and ended up with cute Easter-egg lookin’ fingers.

Easter Mani

You can also check out last year’s Easter nails, and a round up of Easter nail ideas for more mani inspiration.

Thanks for reading!



Midweek Manicure // Lots of Lines

Happy Wednesday! This week I’m sharing a free-handed mani that really challenged my ability to paint straight lines:

Diagonal Lines Mani

I used:

Once the base color was dry, I’d generally start with the lines by painting one diagonal line across the nail so that I had a starting point to work from.

Lines and Stripes Mani How-To

Then I’d continue to paint lines parallel to the first line above or below it. Next, I’d paint lines going perpendicular to the first line  in the space on my nail opposite from where the parallel lines were. Sometimes I’d start lines going in a third direction. I tried to have each nail look a little bit different.

Black Lines Nail Art

I really like how it came out and surprisingly it didn’t take too long. The only problem I had (I always do this) is that I didn’t wait long enough for the black lines to dry and they got a little streaky when I added a top coat. Oh well. patience is a virtue, need to work on that…

Lines Mani

What do you think? Will you give it a try?