DIY Favor Labels

Well, we’re experiencing somewhat of a heat-wave here today, with temperatures expected to get up into the near 40s! I do like the colder weather, but it’s been just a bit too cold for me. After a week of weather in the single digits and teens, I’ll happily take 39 degrees. I suppose we’re luckier here than those in other parts of the country who have been experiencing some hellishly cold weather so I should be thankful for that. In celebration of today’s “warm” weather, I thought I’d share a project I completed way back in the summertime (July, I think?).

Apple Butter with DIY TagsAlthough I had to make over 100 of them, the little circular labels I made for our homemade apple butter wedding favors were conceptually pretty simple. Smaller circles glued onto bigger circles that had a scalloped edge. I also designed the labels to have a front and back, and created the text as well. For the bulk of the job, I used my silhouette cameo to cut the circles and print the text, but you could easily use a circle cutter and your own handwriting.

DIY Favor Label Pieces

I used:

  • My Silhouette Cameo to design and plot the text, then to cut the circles. If you don’t have a paper cutting machine, you could easily purchase a circle cutter, like this one, or this one. Or something like this one, if you’re feeling especially fancy.
  • White cardstock for the center circles (of course you can use any color you want!)
  • Tan/Brown cardstock for the larger scalloped-edge circles (I had to use two different browns because when I ran back to the store to get some more after I had used up what I bought, the store was sold out of the color I had been using)
  • Glue (a glue stick, rubber cement, any old lightweight glue that is suitable for paper will work)
  • A single-hole punch (to punch a circle through the center of the finished label, in order to string the twine through)
  • Jute twine to attach the circles to the jars
  • You may also want a nice ink pen or a marker, to write on the label once it’s assembled.

Assembled Label

After cutting out all of the circles (double the amount of white ones, because my labels were two-sided), I glued them all together, inserting a larger scalloped circle between two white ones, making sure they were centered (although not all of them were perfect). Then, I used a single hole punch to punch a little hole at the top, through all three pieces, in order to attach the label to the mason jars. Then, I went to town, tying them all onto the jars, one by one. A single knotted bow seemed to work alright, but I found out pretty quickly that the best way to get the twine to stay on the jars was to add a little dot of hot glue in one spot underneath the twine, to affix it to the jar – a little tip from me to you :)

Apple Butter Jars with DIY Labels

These were definitely a labor of love, but I was really happy with how they turned out.