Midweek Manicure / All Different, Sorta the Same

I hope everyone’s week is going swimmingly so far. I almost can’t believe we’re half way through January. I need to get it together and start a workout regimen again, in keeping with the same New Years resolution I’ve had for the last million years…

In other news, this week’s manicure:

Nude and Black Mani

I decided to do something a bit different this week, meaning I did something a little different on each nail, no pattern repeating on either hand, except for the double nail stud design, one of those on each hand (but on different fingers!).

I used:

  • Jafra – Perfect Nude (base color on all nails, a really nice peachy-beige color which I think would work well on all skin tones, which is not always the case for nude shades)
  • Generic Black striper polish (you could also use black acrylic paint and a thin brush for this)
  • Black Nail Rhinestones
  • Nail Tape (to mask off parts of my nail to create the various designs)
  • Scissors or cuticle nippers (to cut the tape to the right lengths)
  • Base & Top coats to start and finish the mani

Black and Nude Nail Art

After the nude polish was dry (as in, let it dry for about an hour so that you don’t chance pulling up any of the polish when you start to tape off your designs). Using nail tape cut at various lengths, I laid it across my nails in various patterns – creating triangle shapes, stripes and so on – and used cuticle nippers to cut it down, if needed. In most cases I just made sure it was strongly stuck to my nail, but it was ok if the ends of the tape were long enough to hang over the edge of the nail or onto my skin. Since this was a fairly tedious process, I only used it on about 6 nails, and kept the patterns fairly simple. Then I just painted between the lines with the black polish, pulled off the tape (do this almost immediately) and my design was finished. On 4 nails, I used either one or two black rhinestones. I ended up with a sort of art-deco nail art project.




Midweek Manicure // Leopard Print Tips

Leopard Print Nails

These were fun. I love animal print on my nails. I’m sick this week and my brain is not working correctly so I can’t think of much more to write about this mani…

I used:

Leopard Print Step 1

After a clear base coat, I painted two coats of Essie Sand Tropez along the top half of my nails, as you see above. Then, I used the brush of the Jafra Mocha Cream polish to dab on small circle-ish dots in a random pattern.

Leopard Print Step 2

Before adding a topcoat, I used the Black Milani polish to outline the brown spots. Make sure you don’t outline the dots the whole way around. In order for the spots to resemble leopard print, you should only outline two or three ‘sides’ or each dot, and don’t let the lines connect all of the time. I also added small black dots here and there.

Leopard Print Step 3

Once dry, add a top coat and you’re done! meow.



Midweek Manicure // Inspired by Oz

Hello! This week’s manicure post is a bit late, but better late than never (I think I’ve typed that a few times in the past few weeks…I really need to get myself together).

I saw this image of Rachel Weisz from Oz the Great and Powerful, and decided I’d like to do a similar mani. I haven’t gotten it quite right yet but I think it came out kind of cool. I’ll have to experiement more with colors and base polishes, but for now I just did a simple base coat, taped off the shape, painted on the color and then covered it all with a top coat.

Oz Great and Powerful Mani

I used:

And can we just talk about Oz the Great and Powerful for a minute? So many movies have come out in the past few months that I feel I really NEED to see, this one included. I love the Wizard of Oz, and think this movie would be fun to see, too. Is anyone else dying to see it? Has anyone seen it yet? If so, what do you think??! Let me know! :)



Midweek Manicure // Thanksgiving-ish

Happy Day before Thanksgiving!

Brown and Gold Thanksgiving Mani

This year, I’m rockin’ this mani for Thanksgiving. I created it by painting a base color of Orly Luxe on each finger*, taping it off with reinforcement labels (found at your local office supply store) at the nail bed for the half-moon shape, and then painting a coat of Jafra Mocha Cream over the top.

*Note that I did the opposite of this for each ring finger, to jazz it up a bit.

Thanksgiving Manicure

I am really liking the mix of brown and gold for the fall holiday.  Are you all looking forward to Thanksgiving tomorrow? What do you typically do? I’ll be having a big turkey dinner with my parents and grandmother, my stepdad’s dad and D, then we’ll head over to see D’s side of the family for dessert! Yum.