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On Smoothies, Part III

I’m wrapping up this three part series on smoothies today. If you haven’t read them already, click here to read the first post about what I put in my smoothies, and click here to read part II on how I layer the smoothies and what I like to put on top.

Beet Berry Layered SmoothiePart III is all about smoothie inspiration! I find that instagram is a great place to find inspiration for smoothie recipes, ideas and techniques. So, here are my favorite instagram accounts for health food inspiration.

Beet Smoothies by A Million Miles


1. amillionmiless is a great instagram feed for all kinds of incredible health food recipes and beautiful photographs. Don’t these juices look mouthwatering? Her smoothie bowls and energy balls are just as delicious-looking. She also has a blog with recipes – A Million Miles.

Melody Organics

2. melodyorganics is another great account for juicing recipes and healthy living. You can also find Melody Organics on YouTube. …I’m currently saving up to buy a macerating juicer…


3. anneem83. Lots of great smoothies and juices, plus a lot of humor! She also has a beauty channel on YouTube called My Invisible Chrysalis.


4. liverawlicious is another great instagram feed for smoothie and raw food inspiration. I aspire to make such lovely smoothie bowls!

I’m so hungry now!

Tell me what some of your favorite instagram feeds are!




Last year I participated in instagratitude2012 – and this year, instagratitude2013 has begun! It’s a fun instagram project started by Jeran at Oleander and Palm (one of my favorite blogs – check it out!).

instagratitude collage(Photos from Instagratitude2012)

For the 30 days of November, the goal is to take a photo of something you are thankful for, then post it to instagram with the hashtag instagratitude2013. It’s a great way to usher in this Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season – posting a photo of something you are grateful for each day gives you reason to stop for a moment and appreciate all the blessings that surround you. I find this really calming and helpful at a time when I’m usually fretting about what to cook for thanksgiving or about what Christmas gifts to buy.

You can read more about #instagratitude2013 here.

Anyone can participate – just share the things that you are thankful for. It’s also fun to see what other people are posting at the same time.

Will you join in?




P.S. you can find me on instagram @mrspelkey


Midweek Manicure // Black and White

Sometimes, if I’m in need of some inspiration, I’ll do a search on instagram for #nails. Lots of great images always come back! I found a photo of some great black and white nail art and knew I wanted to try it (you can see the original image here).

black and white geo maniI used:

  • Essie Marshmallow
  • Milani Black striper polish

After two coats of Marshmallow, I painted patterns in black on my ring and thumb of my left hand, and on my index and ring fingers on my left hand. Then I instagramed it :)

#nails on instagram

black and white nail art

I’d love to see some of the nail art YOU do, or some of the inspiration you find! Share images on the MixedMethod facebook page or tag me in your photos (@mixedmethod) on instagram!



February Photo-a-Day Recap

February’s over, and I manged to [kinda] keep up with the photo a day challenge. How many of you followed along or participated? It was fun to see what others were posting (especially on days when I was lacking my own inspiration). Here’s a little recap of the instagram photos I shared for the challenge:

Febphotoaday1From left to right (sorta?):

  • Vintage, Angle, Game, Routine
  • Challenge, In My Hand
  • Self Portrait, Comfort, Hobby, Up

febphotoaday2From left to right:

  • Heart, Love Is…, Lights, Eyes (below)
  • Favorite Thing, Listening To…
  • Old Photo, Favorite Place, I Ate

19 out of 28 days ain’t so bad. And now I’m seeing a bunch of March Photo-a-Day photo prompt lists. But, I think I’ll sit out for March. Any of you thinking about a photo challenge? I think it might be fun to create my own to post on the blog for an upcoming month. If anyone has any nice photo-prompt or photo-challenge ideas, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

feel free to follow me on instagram @MixedMethod



February Photo-a-Day Challenge

Have you ever done a photo-a-day challenge on instagram? I did a sort-of-similar challenge in November (remember Instagratitude?), and  I’ve seen them floating around for a while, where you’re given a list of photo prompts for each day of the month and then upload your photos based on those prompts. I was tempted to join one in January, but never followed up. Now that February’s here, I think I’m up to the challenge. I’ll be sharing the photos on my instagram account. Here are the photo prompts for February from The Idea Room:

February Photo-a-Day Challenge

Be sure to check out The Idea Room’s post on the photo-a-day challenge for this month. I like her prompts because they are simple and allow lots of room for creativity. Plus, she makes it a point to say that if you skip a day – or 4 – it’s OK! I can work with that. Add the hashtag #idearoom to your instagram photos and follow along with others who are joining in like me!

What do you think? Will you join in?

It’s a short month so I think I’ll be able to pull this one off! :) Follow me on instagram @mixedmethod!



An Instagram Christmas

Christmas 2012 was a lovely one. Lots of quality time spent with family, lots of good food, LOTS of desserts (I really need to step up my diet game now). It even snowed a bit on Christmas morning which made the day extra special. I thought I’d share some of the photos I took from the day.

An Instagram Christmas Collage

From left to right:

  1. Cakettes from my boss at work as a yummy Christmas gift. Mine were eggnog and red velvet flavored.
  2. Radar was very happy to wake up to a white Christmas on Christmas morning.
  3. A Pre-Christmas friends Christmas dinner for which I made another of the brown butter sweet potato casseroles.
  4. Played darts at the Bro- and Sis- In Law’s on Christmas Eve and I had to document my one of TWO bullseyes. Pretty proud of myself.
  5. My Honey Santa all dressed up to give out Christmas gifts to the Sunday School kids.
  6. Our tree – steadily gaining ornaments each year.
  7. D is awesome and surprised me with an ipad for Christmas, on which I’ve been having lots of fun with the photobooth app…
  8. Radar knawing on his favorite gift. He turned 6 the day after Christmas and got yet another bone! Lucky dog.
  9. Snapped a photo of Dennis while we were at my Aunt’s house spending time with family and opening gifts
  10. Grandma got a parakeet for Christmas. She’s named her “Pretty Girl”
  11. Snookums the Nativity Cat
  12. Gearing up to put together D’s Christmas gift!
  13. A delicious Christmas ham courtesy of my mother.
  14. Some of my stocking stuffers – Essie polishes, Sally Hansen nail wraps and some peanut butter cups. Santa is so good at his job.
  15. D’s gift all put together – he was so excited and we both can’t wait to fire it up!
  16. The pretty mini-tree in the window at my aunt’s house

Now that Christmas has come and gone, it’s time to start thinking about 2013! Have you started thinking about your New Years resolution?



Instagratitude Wrap-up

The 30 days of the November Instagratitude2012 project have come to and end. Not too long ago, I shared the first half of my instagratitude2012 posts and as November 30th has come and gone, I thought it would be nice to share some photos from the second “half.” I found the project really fun and thought provoking. On a daily basis I was making it a point to look around me and find things that inspired me and made me feel grateful – something I should do more often every month.

instagratitude collage

Happy December!