Midweek Manicure // Tie Dye Fourth of July

It’s almost time for fireworks! So for now, here’s the second of the  Independence-day-inspired mani’s I’m sharing on the blog leading up to July 4th! For this mani I used a toothpick to create a tie-dye effect, which conveniently also kind of reminds me of fireworks.

Red White and Blue Tie Dye Nails

I used:

Tie Die 4th of July

red white and blue nails

Working on one nail at a time, I painted on a healthy swath of the lightest color (the white) at the lower left of my nail toward the center. I then layered the red in the middle, and the blue at the upper right corner. Then, I took a toothpick and dragged the tip of it through the polish, starting in the white area at the lower left and dragging it toward the blue at the upper right corner. If you work quickly, you’ll end up with a nice tie-dye effect.

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Midweek Manicure // Pretty Patriotic

Gearing up for Independence Day next week! It’s my favorite holiday because I love the parades, and the cookouts…and the fireworks! Annnd it’s 3 days after my birthday and I like having an extra reason to celebrate!

So, here is the first of two 4th-of-July themed midweek manicures:

Red White and Blue Mani

I used:

Red White and Blue Base

Grab yourself some red, white, and blue polishes and anything you conjure up will look pretty patriotic, if you ask me. I polka-dotted my ring and thumb fingers with white polish after painting on a bright blue base color.*  For the red and white striped nail, I painted two coats of White on White, waited for that to dry, and then taped off the stripes and painted on the red. Don’t let your nail dry too long before removing the tape. I left my index finger pretty plain and all red, and then just painted a triangle tip on my pinky. Done and done.

*And a word to the wise – make sure your polka dots are COMPLETELY dry, and use a thick coat of top coat, or you might end up with some weirdness (see: my left thumbnail).

4th of July nail Art

What do you think? Will you be giving yourself a patriotic manicure to celebrate the holiday? What are your 4th of July plans! I’d love to hear about them!