DIY Holiday Decor // Rose Gold Reindeer

Rose gold reindeer on mantle

Hi! I come to you today with a different sort of paper crafting experiment that I did over the weekend. Some of you may remember my bright, sparkly, reindeer DIY from several years back. For that project, I sketched a reindeer image onto a large canvas, covered it in Mod Podge,added lots of sequins, and stuck it on my fireplace mantle. Something about antlers and sparkles screams Christmas to me. That’s normal, right?

This year, I thought I’d do something a little different, but mostly the same. I used the same subject matter, but made a smaller version and used a different technique, and I love how it turned out!

Foiled deer holiday decor

To start, I google image-searched “reindeer silhouette” until I found a simple image that I liked. I then printed it out with a toner ink printer (NOT an ink-jet or other kind of printer) onto some cardstock. I needed this to print with toner ink because I planned to foil it with my Minc foil applicator (though you could try using reactive foil and a general laminating machine for this as well). I had some 5″x7″ picture frames hanging around and wanted to use those, so I made sure to cut the printed sheet down to a size that would fit inside my frame. I got the frames at the dollar store, so this project was really inexpensive, too!

Foiled deer holiday decor

I ended up making two framed reindeer. For this first one I chose some rose gold foil. I cut a piece of the foil, layered it over my appropriately-sized panel, put it in a carrier sheet and ran it through my Minc to fuse the foil onto the printed image. I have the larger-size Minc, but the Mini Minc would be perfectly for this, too.

Foiled deer holiday decor

I chose a different reindeer silhouette and some gold foil for a second image, and then put both in frames. One lives on the fireplace mantle and the other in the dining room.

Gold and rose gold foiled reindeer

I love the chic look of these decorations, and they were so simple and quick to make! The beauty of this project is that you can use this technique with any subject matter and with any size frame – as long as the panel will fit though whatever size Minc machine you have!

I have a few other holiday decor DIY ideas in mind – we’ll see if they make it off the ground. Never enough time!


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Easy DIY Wine Rack

DIY wine rack

It’s been such a long time since I’ve done any real DIY projects around the house, but I’ve been wanting to construct some kind of wine rack for quite a while. I found this plan on Shanty 2 Chic and knew it would be perfect (and easy enough for a girl who is still a novice when it comes to power tools).

DIY wine rack

The whole project went very quickly. We followed the directions (I did have some help!) and were able to assemble everything in less than an hour. All of the cuts were very simple, and everything is attached with screws and some wood glue.

DIY wine rack

Once everything was put together, I sanded and then stained the rack with some Dark Walnut stain – two thin coats!
DIY wine rack

After the stain dried, I got out the sander to rough sand it in some spots to give the wine rack more of a rustic look.

DIY wine rack

Once I was finished roughing it up,  hex bolts were inserted into the pre-drilled holes on each shelf. Lastly, I painted on some chalkboard paint at the front of each shelf so that the wines can be nicely labeled. However, I have yet to get out and buy some chalk, so that part will have to wait. :)

DIY wine rack

Some of the wines fit a little too snugly, so if you decide to make a wine rack for yourself, make sure you drill the holes for the hex bolts as close as you possibly can to the edge of the shelf. I have to learn to be careful about snagging the wine labels on the hex bolts, too.

DIY wine rack

We had to mount the rack with heavy duty toggle bolts, but wood screws would probably suffice in most cases.

DIY wine rack

I love how this little lady turned out. She’s such a nice addition to the dining room!



Dollar Store Dinos

Dollar Store Dinosaurs

It’s amazing what you can do with some plastic dinosaur toys and a little bit of spray paint! I found these cute dinos in a toy bin at the dollar store and paid $1 for each of them.

I set them out on newspaper in the yard and gave them a nice coat of silver spray paint.

Spray Painted Dinosaurs

Silver DInosaur

Now a few of them are sitting happily on my mantle (Spike and Littlefoot the Longneck for those of us born in the 80’s).

Silver Spray Painted DInosaurs

My dinos were inspired by these awesome animal fridge magnets from Sugar & Cloth:

Dino Magnets

Pretty sure I will be making those soon. Who doesn’t need dino fridge magnets?!


DIY Lace Tiles

A few weeks ago I  played around with some spray paint and lace to create these pretty lace tiles that I have used to decorate our fireplace mantle.

Lace Tiles on Mantle 2

I intend to use them as a pretty backdrop, behind the white vases and picture frames I’m going to fill the mantle up with.

All you need are a few ceramic tiles (I got several at Home Depot for about 16 cents each), sandpaper to gently scuff up the tiles, spray paint, lace, scissors, and a board and strong glue (like gorilla glue) if you want to mount the tiles like I did (but that part is up to you). Here’s a step-by-step synopsis.

Lace Tile Supplies

First I got my little newspaper lined workstation all ready outside. Complete with some random sticks to keep the paper from blowing away.  I laid out the tiles and cut pieces of lace to the size/shape I wanted.

White Tiles on Newspaper

I found that if I scuffed up the tiles with sandpaper first, then sprayed them with a white “primer” the lace had something tacky to cling to and so it stayed down better when I sprayed the silver on top of the lace. I arranged the pieces of lace differently on each primed tile.

Lace on Tile

Once I had the lace positioned the way I wanted on the various tiles, I sprayed silver spray paint over the top of each tile.

Tile Sprayed Silver

Once the silver spray paint was almost dry, but still a bit tacky, I removed the lace.

Tile After Removing Lace

After the tiles were dry, I decided I wanted to arrange them on a long horizontal board to put on the mantle, so D cut me a long narrow piece of Masonite, the same width as the tiles but a bit longer than all of them lined up together, so I could give them a 1/4 of space between. Then I spent far too much time trying to arrange them so that they didn’t look so…arranged.

Several Lace Tiles

I glued them to the board with some gorilla glue and left them to set overnight with a bunch of books piled on top of them to make sure they were weighed down enough to adhere properly.

Lace Tiles on Mantle

Ta-dah! You could even use the tiles as coasters, or for several other DIY decorating projects. I like how these have started to spruce up the stone chimney stack. If anyone has any other ideas about how to liven up this space I’d love to hear them!

Happy Friday!


Extreme Dresser Makeover – Finally Finished!

After a ton of stripping and sanding, painting and touching up, my thrift store dresser is all dressed up!

Phew. It took a while but I really like how it came out. This is what she looked like before:

What a difference some paint and new hardware makes! We started out using a paint stripper on the drawers, but soon found that just using a palm sander seemed to work much better. I’d say the toughest and most time consuming (and my least favorite) part was just getting the old stain/lacquer off. D was the one to do a lot of the sanding, my hero.

When it came time to spray paint I put on a white primer coat, then decided I’d tape off parts of the drawers and the dresser itself to leave them white. I used Valspar spray paint in the color Smoke for the parts that I didn’t leave white. I got new hardware at the hardware store and after the paint dried D put them on for me. I think the new hardware really makes a world of difference. Such a nice change from what it started with.

What do you think? I’m really happy with it! Can’t wait to get it into my bedroom and put all my clothes away!