DIY Lavender Spray


First off, I love the smell of lavender. I recently received a lavender bundle from our wedding florist, and while I was creating my own little potpourri bowl, I got to thinking about the other things I could do with the stuff. I’m thinking: lavender soap. lavender sachets, lavender cookies…

But first, I thought I could at least incorporate the smell into my daily life by using some of my recently purchased lavender essential oil to whip up this easy and refreshing lavender spray.

Lavendar Spray in Bottle

I spritz this in my hair when it needs a bit of refreshing – generally when I’m working with day 2 hair and my curls are a little flat or kinda frizzy. Lavender is great for use in a refreshing hair spray because it has natural cleansing properties, it can help heal dry skin and dandruff, and can stimulate blood circulation on your scalp (and I know I need that, because I want my hair to freakin’ grow!). Add to that the nice scent (with its natural calming effects), all of the other benefits of lavender, and the fact that the spray it’s super easy to make, and we’ve got a winner.


Lavendar Essential Oil


Fill a pot with the water, cover and bring to a boil on high heat. Once it’s boiling, turn the heat to low and simmer for 1 hour to purify. Be sure to check occasionally – you don’t want your water to just boil away! After one hour, remove the water from the heat, and stir in the essential oil. Replace lid and let steep until cool. Pour the mixture into spray bottles and you’re done. Be sure to store your spray in a cool, dry place.

You can use this spray on your hair, like I do, but you can also spray it on linens or clothes to give them that refreshing and soothing lavender scent, you can spritz it on your face, or you can use it as a room deodorizer. I might spray some on my dog, too. ha!

Lavendar Spray

What would you do with your lavender spray?

Recipe adapted from Curly Girl: The Handbook.



Starting a Garden

I’ve decided this will be the year that I start my very own garden(s). Both my mother and grandmother love gardening and seem to have a real knack for it, so I’m hoping some of that has rubbed off on me. I’ve dabbled in windowsill herb gardens in the past, but this year we’re planning to build a raised bed vegetable garden, and tomorrow I’ll be transplanting some daffodils and iris plants (graciously given to me by my mother from her and my grandmother’s garden) into the flower beds outside our front door. It’s nice to have inherited a few landscape features with the house we are renting now. Although, the beds in the front yard were/are full of weeds. We spent a big chunk of yesterday and today raking the yard and digging up said weeds. We still have a long way to go (I’m coming for you, dandelions) but right now I’m collapsed on the couch, barely moving except to write this post. Phew.

Yesterday I started a whole bunch of seeds. I’m planning tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, summer squash, cauliflower, beets and a few other veggies. I’ll also have an herb garden. I’d like to do some fruits, too but I may be getting ahead of myself. The herbs and several of the veggies had to be started from seed. They are all now (hopefully) germinating on my sunny enclosed porch.

I started some cilantro, parsley, dill, basil, marjoram and chives and made them each a little greenhouse canopy with some saran wrap.

Hopefully I’ll see some sprouts soon. Fingers crossed!