Midweek Manicure // Deep Blue Sea

Blue nails! Very unlike me.

Blue Nails

This easy ombre mani was inspired by @ninanailedit‘s instagram page. I just love her nail designs. I saw this one on her feed and had to recreate it.

I used:

When painting the glittery Mermaid’s Tale color on my middle finger on each hand, I attempted some glitter placement – that is, using a toothpick or dotting tool to place glitter pieces one at a time – but I just didn’t have the patience for it. Despite my lack of patience, I do love the blue-green sparkle of that polish and am happy with how it came out!

Blue Ombre Nails

Happy Almost-Friday!




Midweek Manicure // New Years Nails

Happy New Years’ Eve! I hope everyone enjoys their last night of 2013. This week I tried two different New Years’ nail art designs. The first one is a glitter gradient but unfortunately I had some slight camera issues (meaning the shutter speed was a little wonky and I didn’t look too closely at the photos before I had already removed the nail polish). New Years’ resolution #1 is for Kim to pay more attention to detail…

Hopefully you get the gist, the one salvageable photo actually came out kind of cool (IMHO):

Glitter Gradient

I used:

  • Essie – Sand Tropez (beige/nude base color)
  • Essie – On a Silver Platter (painted at the top of the nail for the glitter gradient)
  • Nail art rhinestones (I placed a few blue rhinestones on each nail to bring out the blue glitter in On a Silver Platter)


I love the glitters from their new Encrusted collection. I saw On a Silver Platter and kind of had to have it.

Next up is a fancy black and gold mani:

New Years Nails

I used:

  • Sephora by OPI – Never Enough Shoes (dark brown with subtle gold flecks for the dark base color)
  • Orly – Luxe (for the gold tip on my index finger, gold ring finger and gold polka dots on pinky)
  • Nail art rhinestones (two black ones on my ring finger)


Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!



Midweek Manicure // Holiday Red

I made it through today, and the way this week is going, that’s something to be proud of! Is anyone else having a trying week? Let’s take solace in the fact that tomorrow is Friday. TGIF.

Red Glitter Mani

Usually, I am a cream polish kind of girl, but around the holidays I don’t mind a little bit of sparkle. For this Mani, I kept it pretty simple, and just layered two polishes for a nice holiday-appropriate look.

In addition to a base and top coat I used:

Essie E-Nuff is E-Nuff

Essie Leading Lady

Essie Leading Lady and E-Nuff is E-Nuff

One coat of E-Nuff is E-Nuff topped with a coat of Leading Lady and a top coat and I was finished. I really like the richness of the color and the subtle glitter.


Holiday Red Nails

Stay tuned for more holiday nail art!





Midweek Manicure // Thanksgiving Edition

I hope everyone who is celebrating today has a wonderful thanksgiving!! I can’t wait to see family and eat tons of yummy food. As I type this, I have a whole bunch of sweet potatoes in the oven, waiting to be turned into a delicious sweet potato casserole. And yesterday’s attempt at home made cranberry sauce came out pretty good (if I do say so), so I’m looking forward to chowing down on that stuff, too! And here is the polish I’m wearing today:

Golden Glitter Mani

I used:

  • OPI – A Piers to be Tan
  • Zoya – Jinx
  • Gold Glitter from the craft store

Thanksgiving Mani

After the A Piers to be Tan base coat, I dabbed on a small amount of the Jinx at the base of my nail, and blended it out about half way up my nail to create a shimmery gradient . While that was still wet, I sprinkled on a little bit of the gold glitter. After a top coat, I was done!

Be Happy, Be Safe, Be Thankful!



Christmas Decor DIY // Bright Sparkly Reindeer

I am starting to enjoy decorating for Christmas, Operation Christmas Cheer seems to be working. As the last few years have gone by, I’ve started to accumulate some of my own decorations, but I still don’t have too many. That’s where making some of my own comes in. The idea came to me after flipping through a Target ad I got in the mail, but it also may or may not have been inspired by Pinterest. I feel like I’ve seen something similar but can’t remember where. Anywayz.

Glitter Christmas Reindeer

All you need is:

  • a printout of a reindeer silhouette
  • scissors
  • canvas (I used 12×16)
  • pencil
  • Elmer’s glue
  • foam or bristle brush
  • glitter

Sparkling Reindeer

First I printed out the deer silhouette large enough to fit on the canvas (I had to print it in two pieces and then tape it together). Cut the silhouette out and used it as a template to trace the shape onto the canvas. Once I was finished with that, I used a foam paintbrush to paint glue inside the traced lines then sprinkled the silver glitter inside. Once it dried I cleaned up the edges and propped it up on my mantle.

Sparkly Reindeer on Mantle

I’ll definitely be keeping it to set out for years to come. It was a bit difficult to capture the glittery-ness in the photographs but it’s definitely super sparkly. I just have to figure out how to use my new camera like a pro. I used the same glitter here that I used on my glittery mani in this week’s midweek manicure. Love. I’ll tell ya’ll about the paper garland I also made for the mantle next week!

Will you be making any decorations this season??


Midweek Manicure // In need of some sparkle

So far this week has not been the greatest (mostly because of car trouble and feeling over-extended). At least I have some very glittery fingers to cheer me up!

Glitter Finger Mani

I don’t normally wear a lot of glitter or sparkle on my nails, but come Christmas time, Kim pulls out all the stops. And this mani and all its glittery glory was fairly easy to put on and won’t be too bad to take off – just the one sparkly finger (I’m still treading lightly into the glitter world).

I used Essie Limo Scene as a base color on all of my nails. On the ring finger on each hand, after two coats of Limo Scene, I brushed on a clear top coat and sprinkled on some silver craft glitter, then again covered that nail, and every other nail, with a top coat (Seche Vite). I love the big chunky glitter!

Glitter and Limo Scene Manicure

Happy Wednesday – here’s hoping the second half of the week goes a bit more smoothly!