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Christmas Cookie Gift Boxes

Just about every Thursday, I play a round of team trivia with friends at a local bar. It always makes for a nice social night out. Sometimes I even know some of the answers. So, since this past Thursday was the last night of trivia before Christmas (and we joked that it might be the last trivia night EVER (but then the world didn’t end…) I decided to make some gifts to bring along. I thought cookies would be nice because, while they’re an inexpensive gift, it’s always nice to give something you spent time making yourself. Lots of love went into these cookies and the boxes I made to put them in!

DIY Cookie Gift Boxes

I made the boxes by cutting out the form with my silhouette cameo, then folding them up. I liked this style because they only took one sheet of paper and the petal shape at the top kept them closed on their own pretty nicely. I also used my silhouette to make the name tags.

cookie boxes in silhouette

Before, during and after assembling the boxes, I baked about 5 batches of cookies (oof!). The cookies I included in the boxes were:

Salted Caramel Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies

The salted caramel chocolate chip cookies were the only ones I managed to take a photo of out of the oven, but all of the cookies were excellent (I have a ton leftover that I’m trying not to gobble up all by myself…).

Homemade Cookies in Gift Boxes

I packed all the cookies in the boxes (about 8 cookies or so fit in each box) then closed them and tied the name tags on with some baker’s twine. I’m pretty sure cookies are the perfect gift. :)