Midweek Manicure // Back to basics…sorta

I kept it pretty simple this week…but with a twist!

Pink French Tips

Well, maybe two twists. I did a french manicure, but with pink tips (twist #1). The second twist is that it’s a gel manicure! For my birthday a few weeks ago, D bought me a gel manicure kit. I’ve been experimenting with it and I’m really liking it (which is a big difference from my earlier gel manicure experience).

I like doing the gel manicure on myself because I have more control over how it turns out, and I can easily soak the gel polish off. Last time I ended up peeling it all off after it started to chip, which was definitely not good for my nails.

I have the Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit. The polish cures using an LED light, instead of an ultraviolet light, so I like that about the kit, too.

Gel Polish

With the kit, I used two gel polish colors – the base color is Sensationail Evening Sand, and the pink is Red Carpet Manicure Oh So 90210.

Pink French Tip Gel Manicure

Just a simple french manicure. So far no chips thanks to the gel!



Midweek Manicure // Trying Gel

This week’s mani is a bit different. This weekend some girlfriends and I, on the way home from a Jafra party I had done, decided on a whim to get our nails done. Sometimes you just need to treat yourself! And, it was nice to think that someone else would file my nails and put on the polish and pamper me for a few minutes.

I instagramed this picture of the color I chose for my mani/pedi.

Essie Big Spender

Essie – Big Spender

I have the color on my toes and love it, it’s a nice bright purply-pink. Then when it came time for the mani, I got to thinkin’ that I might like to try a gel manicure. I’ve been thinking about investing in a gel manicure kit for myself, so I wanted to try it out, see how it looked, how long it lasted, etc. I went for the traditional french tips.

Gel French Tips Mani

Another not-so-great cell phone photo but whatevs.

All in all, I like the gel. It’s lasted a bit longer than my typical non-gel manicure but I have had a few *issues* including the fact that it kind of lifts and peels at the edges around my nail bed. I seem to have this problem a lot (as I did with the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips…). Has anyone else ever encountered this problem? Maybe I just have weird fingernails. Also, it’s only been 5 days since the mani and I’ve started to have some chipping. It might be because I’ve been doing lots of dishes and laundry and things like that, but I thought it would last much longer.

So, I suppose this post is more of a call for input. If you’ve ever tried a gel manicure please leave me a comment and let me know what you thought. Was it worth the expense? How long did it last for you? Would you do it again? those kinds of things. I’m wondering if investing in my own gel kit would be worth the expense…Thanks :)



Midweek Manicure – French Tips With a Twist

I was having a hard time finding inspiration for this latest nail art design. I wanted to do something more than just a simple coat, but didn’t want to get all crazy either. So, I found two nice spring-y colors and just did a simple french manicure, but with a twist. Instead of a straight line horizontally across the tip of each nail, I painted two diagonal stripes on the tip of each nail that met in the middle.

triangle tip french manicure

I used Giselle by Zoya for the peach-y base color, and then Punki Purple by Nina Ultra Pro for the tips. Then a top coat and all done! Simple, fun and colorful, just in time for the spring weather!