A Food Truck Festival

A few weeks ago, the city of Worcester held a food truck festival, and of course D and I went! The event in Worcester was put on by Food Truck Festivals of New England, which apparently is organized as a travelling festival of food trucks, that set up throughout New England with a wide variety of food trucks, many of which seemed to be based out of the eastern part of Massachusetts, in or around Boston.

Truck List

Of course we tried to sample a lot of stuff, but by the time I’d tried a few things I was completely stuffed (although not too stuffed for ice cream).

Food Trucks

Between the two of us, we sampled lobster (or lobstah!) rolls, pulled pork sammies, ribs, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, slush and ice cream (with a giant cookie on top).

Rainbow Slush

Cookie Monstah

D and I made sure to do a lot of walking afterwards, to make up for the giant hole I blew in my diet that day!

More Food Trucks

It was all quite delicious, and I hope they come back next year.

Cookies and Ice Cream



Recipe // Ooey Gooey Campfire Bananas

Ooey Gooey Campfire Bananas

One of my favorite things about going camping is the campfire food! Smores, hotdogs, veggies wrapped in foil. I really should just build a fire pit in my backyard so I can make these things on the reg. And I dare say that these campfire cooked bananas are better than smores. If only for the fact that they involve fruit – so they have to at least be “better” for you, right? At any rate, they’re an amazing alternative to the traditional smore. When we went camping in Maine a few weeks ago, I made these stuffed bananas and they were so good we made them on more than one occasion – even making a special late-night trip to the grocery store just so we’d have enough ingredients! That’s dedication. That’s gluttony.

Campfire Bananas Ingredients

Stuffed with peanut butter and chocolate chips, and then topped with mini marshmallows, wrapped in foil and cooked over hot coals, the result is a melt-in-your-mouth explosion of awesomeness. Plus, the recipe is really hard to mess up – I’ve just listed the ingredients (in approximate amounts) and a general how-to for making one banana, but just use the same process over and over again for as many bananas as you want to make (or until you run out of chocolate chips), adding less or more of the stuffing ingredients adjusted to your own tastes.

Slicing Open the Banana


  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 small handful chocolate chips
  • 1 small handful of peanut butter chips
  • 1 small handful of marshmallows

Special equipment:

  • aluminum foil
  • red hot campfire coals
  • tongs (don’t burn your arm off in the fire!)

Stuffing the Bananas


Grab your ripe banana and remove about an inch wide section of the peel to expose the banana underneath. Use a knife and slice the banana lengthwise down the middle of the exposed section. Do not slice all the way through. You want to just makeĀ  a pocket- like opening in the banana. Next, begin stuffing the banana with your chocolate and peanut butter chips. After it’s well stuffed, top with the mini marshmallows, and smoosh them down a bit so they don’t fall out. Wrap the banana in aluminum foil and seal the ends well. Place the bananas right on the hot coals and let cook for 5-10 minutes (depending on the heat of your coals), or until they start to smell really really good. Carefully remove your bananas from the fire, unwrap and devour!

Bananas in the Campfire

(ok so the picture above shows a rush job – we didn’t have the fire going long enough to get hot coals going, but you get the idea…just throw the things in the fire!)

You could also prepare these under your oven broiler.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Stuffed Bananas

I think the possibilities with these are almost endless. Try adding crushed up pieces of your favorite candy bars, shredded coconut, walnuts, caramels, even strawberries. YUM.

D Enjoying his Campfire Banana

As you can see, D loved ’em!

*the inspiration for this recipe came from watching an episode of Pioneer Woman.