Extreme Dresser Makeover – Finally Finished!

After a ton of stripping and sanding, painting and touching up, my thrift store dresser is all dressed up!

Phew. It took a while but I really like how it came out. This is what she looked like before:

What a difference some paint and new hardware makes! We started out using a paint stripper on the drawers, but soon found that just using a palm sander seemed to work much better. I’d say the toughest and most time consuming (and my least favorite) part was just getting the old stain/lacquer off. D was the one to do a lot of the sanding, my hero.

When it came time to spray paint I put on a white primer coat, then decided I’d tape off parts of the drawers and the dresser itself to leave them white. I used Valspar spray paint in the color Smoke for the parts that I didn’t leave white. I got new hardware at the hardware store and after the paint dried D put them on for me. I think the new hardware really makes a world of difference. Such a nice change from what it started with.

What do you think? I’m really happy with it! Can’t wait to get it into my bedroom and put all my clothes away!


Friday Rewind – Happy Hunger Games!

This week seemed to fly by! So quickly that it seems like even yesterday was a total blur.  I spent a lot of time at home, enjoying watching a lot of netflix episodes of season one of The Killing (really good!). Between last weekend and several week nights, we’ve watched enough episodes to be all caught up and ready for Sunday night’s new one. I’m not sure if I should be really proud to admit that I watched an insane amount of television this weekend and earlier this week… Radar on the other hand, spent a lot of his nights curled up in his doggy bed with Mr. Pig. So cute.

Here is a sneak peak at the dresser rehab process. All the drawers are painted and have new hardware. Just the exterior of the dresser itself needs to be painted, but it was so windy during the early part of the week, and then rainy yesterday and the day before, that I haven’t had a good opportunity to lug the thing outside to spray paint the rest of it. Hopefully it will be finished by Sunday!

Tonight D and I are going on a date. Dinner and a movie. Not sure where we’ll be eating but we are going to see the Hunger Games (finally)! In honor of the big event, I picked up this polish:

Stone Cold by China Glaze, part of their Hunger Games collection of polishes.  It’s a grey with some light shimmer…and its MATTE! How cool. I’m really excited to use it. Wicked excited, even. Is that normal?

I also bought the color Foie Gras from the collection. Did I mention I can’t wait to see the movie tonight?

Aside from the movie, it’s a weekend full of yard work, our monthly church game night on Saturday, and a spring concert on Sunday. As for Monday, I plan on sleeping in as long as humanly possible, since I have the day off. Gotta love long weekends.

I hope everyone has some nice things planned for their weekend too!

Happy Friday!