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Inspiration Sunday // Coasters

This Sunday’s post was inspired by my aunt, who is raising money for her upcoming Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk to cure breast cancer. My cousin is also participating. Here are some DIY coaster ideas – perfect if you’re thinking of doing some fundraising at craft fairs ;)
DIY Coaster Ideas1.// Faux Leather Triangle Coasters from by Wilma (love these!). 2.// DIY Chalkboard Coasters from the Sweetest Occasion. 3.// Scrapbook Paper Coasters from The Small Things Blog. 4.// DIY Gold Caviar Coasters from Whimseybox.
Also be sure to check out my own DIY coasters post from earlier this year! Happy Sunday!


DIY Coasters

In my effort to make more cute custom stuff for our house (we are moving back this weekend, hurray!), I made some coasters!

I found some regular old white ceramic tiles at Home Depot (16 cents each), taped off patterns with painter’s tape and used acrylic paints on them.

After I’d painted them and removed the tape, I was worried that some of the paint might scratch off, so I painted over the paint with clear nail polish – I happen to have a lot of the stuff lying around. It made the paint nice and glossy too. You could also use modge podge, shellac or clear acrylic spray paint. I put little fabric feet on the bottom (also from home depot) and they were ready to go. I think I’ll make a few more. They’re so fun and colorful!