Introducing Freshwater Studio!

I think many of you have noticed by now that I’ve made a little change to my blog. Mixed Method has now become Freshwater Studio, and I want to tell you why!



When I started this blog 5 years ago, I wracked my brain for weeks trying to decide what to name it. I knew back then that I wanted my blog to be a place where I could feature a lot of the DIY and crafty stuff I was into at the time. I didn’t have much of a plan and I didn’t want to fit myself into any kind of niche. I just wanted to share photographs, projects, nail art (lots of that in the beginning!), hair tutorials, inspiration, life..whatever! The mixed part of Mixed Method seemed to capture a bit of that for me. Mixed Method seemed to flow from there, and I didn’t mind the alliteration, either. However, as time went by and this blog grew and changed, I felt like I needed to re-adjust. The blog became more about paper crafting and DIY projects, and less about the other stuff, and I’d started really trying to curate this space. Knowing that Mixed Method wasn’t a name that had much meaning to me, and that it wasn’t something I was especially attached to, made me like it less and less as I grew more and more attached to this blog. So once again, I wracked my brain…for weeks. But then I let it rest for a while (


So, I’ve known that I’ve wanted to change the blog name for a while, and it seemed like now was a good time, for a whole host of reasons. I love that I’ve settled into this card making hobby and because of that I’ve met so many awesome people in the paper crafting community. I’m also so thankful to those of you who have been following along with me this whole time! I love reading and responding to comments and getting emails from all of you. So, I want to put more care and effort into this little corner of the web. I’m hoping to open an Etsy shop in the future (!!), and have a few other ideas germinating, so the name change was a priority for me (and a new logo, and maybe a bit of branding thrown in).

Freshwater has a lot to do with my newly re-kindled love of watercolor and painting, of course (if you’ve been here a while you’ve seen evidence of that in my cards), but it also comes from my Native American heritage and my central Massachusetts roots. I am part Nipmuc, (which translates to “freshwater people”) and I like that I can reflect that in my blog and the art that I share here.  All things are a work in progress over on this end, but I think we’re getting there.

I hope you like the new name! And I hope you’ll keep following along with me as I share new projects and ideas. You guys are the BEST!

Happy Almost Friday!