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Beauty Tips // Getting the most out of your makeup

I’m an avid reader of beauty blogs – whether it’s DIY masks for healthier skin, reviews of new makeup products,  or the best protective styles for my curly hair, I love reading and pinning ideas that get me thinking about ways to improve my own beauty routine.  In fact, one of the most popular post on my blog to date is my post on how to clean your makeup brushes and I hope to begin sharing more beauty-related and hair-care posts here in the future.

Clean Makeup Brushes

Since we’re experiencing another snowstorm (ugh!) here in the northeast today, it’s a perfect day for me to catch up on some blog posts! I was recently turned onto this post, by Lana Ramos, about how to get the most out of your makeup products and save money at the same time.

my makeup bag

Naturally, my favorite of her 5 tips is #3, about cleaning your brushes. Brushes are an investment, and you should take care of them not only to prevent bacteria from building up and getting on your face, but also to prevent you from spending more money on replacement brushes in the long run. The other take-aways from the post, though, include not wasting foundation by dispensing more than you actually need (same goes for things like lotions or other liquid products), storing your products appropriately, and making sure you purchase products that you’re actually going to use.

You can find the Save Makeup Save Money: Tips for Making your Beauty Products Last post, by clicking this link!

To pick up or re-stock your own beauty and makeup favorites (lipsticks, blushes, brushes, hair tools, etc.), visit HSN’s beauty section, or their makeup page.

Enjoy your weekend, lovies!