A Short Catharsis

Lately I’ve been feeling mega-stressed. Usually I’m pretty calm, cool, and collected (just like a cucumber) but it seems like the stress of the holidays has just joined forces with a lot of the other stressors in my life. Between working full time, volunteering for the local preservation organization (and sitting on two committees there as well), my new Jafra business, getting in shape, Church commitments, friendships, family, a dog who becomes a terror if he doesn’t get enough exercise or brain stimulation at all hours, planning a wedding (!!), planning finances, and this blog, running around these last few weeks is pushing me toward a mini brain melt-down. I love being involved in all of the these things, and I like to stay busy, but I’ve decided I need to take a step back, and that’s OK. In fact, I think the main reason why I’m working out like a crazy person and not seeing any results is because my body is in stress-mode. Oh, and then there’s just all that random drama that comes my way via friends and family who have overly complicated lives themselves. oof.

It's Ok to be Happy with a Calm Life
Photo via melodyross.com

I’ve become a chronic multi-tasker. I can’t even watch my favorite TV show without trying to blog or craft or pin at the same time. And I know that’s not just me. It seems like society glorifies being busy. Women are wives, mothers, bread-winners, entrepreneurs and homemakers all at the same time. If you’re a celebrity, you’re all of those things plus an actress, and singer and philanthropist who has their own production company and makeup line. Yeah, maybe I shouldnt be comparing myself to the likes of JLo, but you can’t deny that us women are expected to be busy 24/7.

I’m getting married in about 9 months (eek!) and as the New Year is almost here, I’m resolving to not let anything or anyone (or myself) interfere with what is supposed to be one of the happiest times of my life. Being involved is great, but learning to say ‘no’ is ok, too! So, I’ve started to manage my volunteer time in a way that makes sense for me in my life. I’ve also decided to be conscious about spending less time, money and energy on things that just end up stressing me out in the long run. Time to take a step back, and give it to God.


Inspiration Sunday // A Very Spooky Halloween

Halloween is coming, and it’s such a fun holiday to decorate for. I thought for the next few Sundays I would put together some nice Halloween-themed DIY and inspiration posts. Here’s a fun party palette, with a focus on the eerie and macabre side of Halloween! Now, I just need to come up with a good costume idea…

1.// A Spooky Black Feather and Skull Wreath. 2.// Totally Creepy Rotten Egg and Centipede Centerpiece. 3.// Dangerous Libations. 4.// Eerie Candlestick Display.

It was really hard to pick just four, so I’m looking forward to sharing some more Halloween-related stuff next week! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Inspiration Sunday // DIY with Words

Better late than never, right?! I’m just sitting down to post this now since the weekend was a bit of a whirlwind – complete with D having carpal tunnel release surgery on Friday and me winning a fight with that big box store that wouldn’t give me my laptop back. Although I won’t be getting my computer and all my stuff back, they’ve agreed to give me a newer version of my old laptop back, instead of the one that I’m currently using, which has less memory and is larger and in general not what I wanted. I guess I have to take what I can get at this point. But that means I might be M.I.A. for a few days since I have to turn this laptop in and wait for a new one to be shipped. But at any rate, I’ll score it as a battle won.

Also, we attended a big local arts fair today and had a great time. I hope everyone else had a great weekend, too. Here are some fun DIY’s to inspire the week ahead:

1. // Copper Embossing. 2.// Word Cork Boards. 3.// DIY Scrabble Coasters.


Back from the Beach

Back from a wonderful week with my girlfriends in Myrtle Beach!

We hit a fair amount of Memorial Day weekend road traffic on the way down, so it took almost 20 hours to get there, but it was worth it. Beautiful weather (almost) all week. I spent most of my mornings on the beach, and we also spent a few days looking for alligators, visiting various fun bars, restaurants and nightlife areas, and took a day trip down to Charleston (my personal favorite part). I thought I’d quickly share some of my instagram photos from the trip (I will likely do a follow-up with camera photos later, because there was lots of other fun stuff I didn’t capture on my phone):

The Bostonian

We stayed in a condo owned by the father of one of my girlfriends. I love that we drove from Massachusetts and stayed in the Bostonian.

View From Condo

A view of the beach from our third floor condo.

The Four of Us

All 4 of us getting ready to go out for drinks (and a big plate of nachos) early in the week!

Nutella Banana Crepe

On Tuesday (I think), two of us went in search of WiFi and ended up at this really great frozen yogurt/smoothie/crepe place. I got a Banana Nutella Crepe. It was very delicious and I had leftovers for three days! I daydreamed about opening a yogurt/smoothie/crepe place back home.

Humidity and Me

It was pretty hot and super humid all week so I had a lot of bad hair days, as you can see, haha. You can also kind of see the nice view from our front porch and how bright and sunny it was most days!

Ice Cream Waffle Cone

Ice cream, of course! Key lime on top, Oreo cookie on the bottom (and a bright orange manicure I’ll share this week)!

Trying on Masks

Before a dinner at Dick’s Last Resort, we found this great curiosity shop that had a wall full of fun masks. I wish I could have tried them all on! I need to find an occasion for such a thing.


On our way home, the GPS routed us through DC on 395 which turned out to be a horrible thing. We got stuck in traffic for over an hour. It was nice to pick out the Washington Monument (far, far away in this picture) and the Capitol building, and various other buildings on the skyline while we sat in traffic, though.

Radar the Skunk Lover

It took about 15 hours to make the trip home. I arrived back here at 1am to a dog that had been sprayed by a skunk the night before. Eww. The home remedy we tried (peroxide, baking soda and dish soap) didn’t work so well so he went to the groomer today. D managed to keep the skunk smell out of the house so I was very thankful for that! Now Radar is skunk-stink free, clean, fluffy and even has a new collar and ID tag for his troubles.

Radar's New Collar

It was really nice to get away for a while and top up my Vitamin D levels. I really needed the vacation. But it’s back to the grind tomorrow! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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