Retirement Card Take 2

I was recently commissioned to make a retirement card that looked just like this one I made a few years ago. This time, we went for a more Autumnal color scheme, but kept just about everything else the same.

Retirement card

I started with a watercolor background in a combination of orange, yellow and red tones. I then stamped out some Painted Flowers in ink colors that were about the same tone. This was a lot of trial and error and I tried a lot of ink colors until I got a combo that I liked. Phew!

The sentiment is a combination of some hand-lettering I did and the spelling out of the word Retirement (which meant this card had to be an oblong size, about 4.5″ x 8″) using Neat & Tangled Journaling Alpha dies (a favorite die set of mine!).

Retirement card

I like how it turned out! And it shows me that re-visiting a card style again is a really good exercise in creativity. Even though the design elements are essentially the same, I was able to tweak a few parts and practice my lettering, which is never a bad thing. I might even like this second attempt better than the first!

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