November Guest Designing for Concord & 9th // Week 1 : Winter Wear + Swirls

I have some exciting news to share! I’ll be guest designing with <a href="http://Concord & 9th” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Concord & 9th for the month of November, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! If you’ve been following along for a while, you know I’ve created several cards with their products in the past, and they are always some of my favorites! This month, you can follow along here and on their blog for a look into their new November release!

This week, I’m sharing three cards I made using the new Winter Wear stamp set & coordinating dies, and the new Swirls dies.

Concord & 9th

I think the Winter Wear set is just so cute! I was also happy to have a chance to play around with my copics and watercolors to color the images I chose to stamp.

Concord & 9th

For the first card, I used the Swirls die to add a bit of interest to the background panel. I decided not to cut the die apart for this and just used it as-is, to fill up a bunch of space. I like how it turned out. I then stamped the elements I wanted to copic color on some scrap paper and colored in the cute face and the scarf. It was my first time using my copics in a loooong time, but I think the coloring came out OK.

Concord & 9th

I die-cut the scarf with the coordinating Winter Wear dies, and fussy-cut my little top-knot girl and arranged everything on the panel, adhering it with foam tape. I felt like it needed some kind of sentiment, so I stamped an embossed one on some slate grey cardstock and added it with foam tape, too.

Concord & 9th winter wear

Next up is a similar card, except I used the other scarf, only one part of the Swirls die, and watercolored the top-knot girl (clearly that’s what I’m calling her now…). I think she ended up looking like me! :)  A simple sentiment from the same stamp set and she was finished!

Concord & 9th

Lastly, I used some of the smallest images in the set to create a festive card background. I stamped everything with VersaMark ink and heat embossed it with white embossing powder. Then I watercolored everything in a few shades of red.

Concord & 9th

I added the sentiment using the largest sentiment in the stamp set, and embellished the top and bottom edge of the cardstock with a decorative scallop-edge die. Quick and easy!

Concord & 9th

I hope you enjoyed a look at some of the new items from Concord & 9th’s November release (it’s so good! You can even purchase the whole thing as a bundle)! I can’t wait to share more cards over the next few weeks! Head on over to the Concord & 9th blog  or their shop to check out the products and some more projects from the other designers!

Concord & 9th

In other news: my baby shower is tomorrow, and I can’t wait! I hope everyone has a great weekend!




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