I’ve been experimenting with making cards that highlight indigenous words for a while now. You might remember that I’ve made a few Nipmuc language thank you cards in recent months. As I’ve written before, the making of these cards is my way of highlighting Native language reclamation efforts. Many tribes, not only in Massachusetts but also throughout New England and North America in general, are working to revive languages that were lost for years (hundreds of years in some cases) because of colonization and Native assimilation processes that have taken place for centuries. This week I’m sharing a very basic language card that features the word aquene.

Aquene means peace in the language of my ancestors.



And nothing too complicated here. I die cut the letters in black from this die set, and mounted them to a craft card base. I used a stamp from this Wplus9 holiday stamp set to provide the English translation. I’m thinking this would make a good sympathy card, though I’m hoping I won’t need another one anytime soon.



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