Coworker Christmas Gifts 2017

Someone I’ve managed to start a tradition of baking cookies and making paper gifts to give to the people who work in my department every Christmas. In the past, I’ve made cookie boxes, pretty tags and little jar-topper villages (like these). This year I kept it pretty simple, baking up 7 kinds of cookies with my mom (!!) and making a paper ornament to go along with each cookie jar.

3d ornaments close up

I made about 11 of these little ornaments, the shape of which I learned from one of my incredibly smart co-workers is called an icosahedron! He’s been reading a book on recreational math, nbd.

Hanging ornaments

I made these using the 3D circle ornament die from Altenew and lots of colored card stock from the scrap heap I have in my craft room! I die cut, and die cut, and die cut those little circles out for what seemed like forever, and scored, and scored, and scored and then glued, and glued, and glued!

3D Christmas ornaments

I ended up using Glossy Accents glue to glue them all together-this worked the best for me because it’s a super strong adhesive and also dries quickly enough that I could keep my assembly line moving at a good clip (but at the same time gave me a few moments to move the paper around to line everything up before the glue was totally dry). Basically, I prefer a liquid glue for this, instead of double sided tape or tape runner. But user beware: by the time I was finished my fingers were COVERED in glue!

Christmas ornaments on cookie jars

I made all of these ornaments in the smaller size. I might make a few in the larger size, if I’m feeling ambitious.

3D ornaments

I used fishing line on each ornament to give them something to hang by. I just made sure to glue the fishing line string into the top half of the ornament before I sealed everything up. Despite how complex the end result looks, these are pretty easy to put together once you get the hang of it – and Altenew gives easy instructions to follow. Although, I did put in a lot of hours making these! It was relatively slow going.

I added each ornament to my little mason cookie jars and packed them up! They looked so cute and colorful all packaged up and ready to head to work.

3D ornaments

Now to start thinking about what I’m going to make next year….!

3D cChristmas Ornaments
Happy Holidays!


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