Hand Painted Floral Background // No Stamps!

Floral watercolor background

This week I’m sharing a card that uses no stamps! Instead I decided to hand paint some florals to make a pretty background. Before I started painting, I perused Pinterest for some floral inspiration (I keep an inspiration board there, and often look through it when I need a little help with ideas). I should also say that it’s kind of amazing how little blobs of paint somehow turn into flowers. Honestly, I’m not spectacular at this, but I still think the flowers and leaves came out pretty well (and at certain points I was literally just painting blobs)!

Freehand floral watercolor

I had masked off part of the card so that the pattern only covered about 2/3 of the panel. I did this mostly because I imagined the card turning out a bit differently, but sometimes you have to adapt. I added a line of gold embossing along the floral/no floral line before adding my die cut sentiment.

Freehand floral watercolor

The Happy Birthday sentiment is the SSS Painted Happy Birthday die. I cut it from white card stock several times, stacked them up and glued them onto the panel. I added a few clear droplets as a final touch. By the way, I used Canson watercolor paper and Gansai Tambi watercolors for the painting.

Floral watercolor background




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