Tags on Tags, on Tags

Recently, I feel like I’ve entered a very creative period when it comes to crafting and card making. It feels great! Especially after going through some stints there where I found it tough to be creative whatsoever. I’ve just been letting the ideas flow, and I’m excited to share some of them with you in the coming weeks. This week – tags! I’ve been making them like a crazy person.

Gift tags

I think when you’re in a creative rut, the best place to start is somewhere simple. And that’s what I did here. I had recently gifted two coworkers with some soap, and I  wanted to personalize the bars I gave them, so I grabbed a piece of scrap watercolor paper that I had previously painted (but had no idea what to do with), and just started cutting tags out of it. I used a die that seems to no longer be available from Simon Says Stamp (womp), but I really liked the simplicity of the whole thing. I also added some initials to the tags to personalize them.  So, that got the wheels turning. I painted more panels in the same striped fashion and started cutting tags from them.

Gift tags

After that I just couldn’t stop! :)  I started painting some watercolor paper with  really loose and haphazard washes of color, and made more tags in a rainbow of colors. Now, I have no shortage of cute embellishments for packages, and I’m also selling them in packs of 10 in my Etsy shop.

Gift tags

Gift tags

Gift tags

Gift tags

Gift tags


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