The Freshwater Studio Shop is OPEN!

I finally opened an Etsy store! It’s called Freshwater Studio Shop and it’s the place where you can find some cards from this site up for sale – as singles or in boxed sets. I’m still figuring out some things but I’m getting the store stocked up little by little. I even have some ideas about other types of things I’d like to sell in the shop (think, party supplies). Today, I added this thank you card set:

Thank you cards - merci beaucoup

You can visit Freshwater Studio Shop by heading to or by visiting the Shop page from this blog’s home page. Below is a snapshot of some current listings.


I’ve also started an instagram account for the Shop. Since my personal instagram account has a lot of other stuff on it (like cats, plants and the occasional selfie), the @freshwaterstudio instagram account with feature only card projects and products available in the shop. So, I hope you’ll join me there if you’d like to see more. I’ll still post lots of cardmaking stuff on my personal account, so I’ll do my best not to cross-post, I swear! (And tell me who you are on instagram so I can follow you, too!)

Thank you cards - merci beaucoup

If you do check out the shop, let me know your thoughts. I’m just getting started, so I’d really love to hear your feedback about the shop overall.

And lastly – thank you to all of my kind readers and followers. So many of you have encouraged me to start this little shop and I’m really excited to be open for business. I have lots of ideas percolating, so here goes nothin’!


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