Sweet Succulents

Today I’m excited to share with you a little card set I made over the weekend.

MFT sweet succulents card set

Lately, I’m turning into somewhat of a plant lady. I have houseplants scattered all over my house, and I’m especially in love with succulents and air plants. So, when I saw the LLD Sweet Succulents stamp set, I knew I wanted to make some cute cards with it.
MFT sweet succulents card set

I wanted to create a cluster of potted plants on each card, so I started by making masks using my inkadinkadoo masking paper. Using masks allows you to build up a scene by first stamping whatever you want to be in the foreground (in my case, the central pot), then masking that image off, then stamping your next image (in my case, the plant that would be in the central pot), then adding a mask to that, and so on. Anything you stamp on top of a masked image will end up in the background. The best part is removing all of your masks at the end to reveal the scene!
MFT sweet succulents card set

I stamped on some A2-size scallop cards that I picked up from the clearance section at Paper Source. I thought the rounded edges of the paper would be a nice contrast to the visual spikey-ness of the cactus plants.
MFT sweet succulents card set

I made four cards, and decided to make each scene a little bit different, so I used and re-used my masks a lot. Even though the arrangement of plants differed on each card, I made sure to use the same grouping of three pots in the lower left, and stuck to the same color scheme for each card as well.

MFT sweet succulents card set

I used my copic markers to do most of my coloring on each card. You’ll notice that certain plants and certain pots retain the same color scheme across each card, which I think helps to tie everything together so that it all looks like one complete set. Doing this also kept me from having to put a lot of extra thought into my coloring.

MFT sweet succulents card set

There is some variation from one to the next, but that’s the beauty of handmade cards! To finish up, I added some extra shading here and there with a few Prismacolor colored pencils. It seemed to give everything a bit of an extra pop. I also made sure to add a light shadow under each pot, to ground the images.

MFT sweet succulents card set

When it came time to add a sentiment, I went with “Hope you have a beautiful day” from the Doodle Buds stamp set. I thought this particular sentiment went nicely with the overall look I was going for.
MFT sweet succulents card set

Once that was all set, I adhered some fun foam to the back of each scalloped panel, and then mounted all my finished panels onto card bases that I cut from some gray card stock.

MFT sweet succulents card set

Voila! I hope you like these as much as I do!

MFT sweet succulents card set




P.S. As I said before, I’m a sucker for succulents (ha!) and I’m trying to learn to identify them by name. One of my favorites are Haworthia. Especially good for me because they are very tolerant if I forget to water them for a day or too… :) I’d love to hear what your favorite types of succulents are!

9 thoughts on “Sweet Succulents”

  1. What a lovely card set, Kimberly! The scalloped edges are a wonderful contrast to the spikey cactus shapes. (Each time I visit the Arizona desert, I am drawn to the shapes of the Saguaro and Prickly Pear.) Thank you so much for sharing today. Now I’m inspired to make a special cacti card set as a gift! ♡

  2. Kim, these came out amazing! My favorite succulent is the jade plant. I had one for years that I finally killed (RIP), and I just got a new one. Hope I can keep this one alive!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I love jade plants – they’re so pretty and they’re supposed to bring good luck! I have one in my craft room. Good luck with your new one!

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