Easy DIY Wine Rack

DIY wine rack

It’s been such a long time since I’ve done any real DIY projects around the house, but I’ve been wanting to construct some kind of wine rack for quite a while. I found this plan on Shanty 2 Chic and knew it would be perfect (and easy enough for a girl who is still a novice when it comes to power tools).

DIY wine rack

The whole project went very quickly. We followed the directions (I did have some help!) and were able to assemble everything in less than an hour. All of the cuts were very simple, and everything is attached with screws and some wood glue.

DIY wine rack

Once everything was put together, I sanded and then stained the rack with some Dark Walnut stain – two thin coats!
DIY wine rack

After the stain dried, I got out the sander to rough sand it in some spots to give the wine rack more of a rustic look.

DIY wine rack

Once I was finished roughing it up,  hex bolts were inserted into the pre-drilled holes on each shelf. Lastly, I painted on some chalkboard paint at the front of each shelf so that the wines can be nicely labeled. However, I have yet to get out and buy some chalk, so that part will have to wait. :)

DIY wine rack

Some of the wines fit a little too snugly, so if you decide to make a wine rack for yourself, make sure you drill the holes for the hex bolts as close as you possibly can to the edge of the shelf. I have to learn to be careful about snagging the wine labels on the hex bolts, too.

DIY wine rack

We had to mount the rack with heavy duty toggle bolts, but wood screws would probably suffice in most cases.

DIY wine rack

I love how this little lady turned out. She’s such a nice addition to the dining room!


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