Midweek Manicure // Water marbling…with a twist!

Water marbling is a fun and easy way to create some really interesting nail art. I’ve tried it a few times, and although it can get pretty messy (it’s a good idea to keep some nail polish remover and cotton swabs on hand at all times), I’ve generally enjoyed the results. As a child of the late 80s/early 90s it reminds me of those paint-and-swirl or spin art machines, when you’d add drops of paint onto a wet piece of paper, turn the machine on, watch the paper spin around, and end up with some pretty psychedelic results. Tell me other people remember these things?

For this mani, however, instead of the typical drop-polish-into-water-swirl-and-dunk technique, I did something a bit different. I’m just realizing that I’ve never posted a Midweek Manicure for water marbling, so I’ll have to post a more detailed how-to in the future, sorry about that!

Water Marble Nails

So, instead of just dropping polish into room-temperature water, creating a pattern and dunking my nail in, here’s what I did:

After a base coat, I added two coats of Zoya Juanita (which is a very sheer neutral/peach color). Once that dried, I commenced the marbling!

In a cup of room-temperature water, I dropped 3 or 4 drops of white polish onto the surface of the water. Upon doing this, you’ll see the droplets will spread out into the water, coating the surface (if the polish droplet just sinks to the bottom, try letting your water come up to temperature a bit more and/or grab a different/newer polish). Then, I took an alcohol-based spray (I used a Victoria’s Secret Body Spray, but you could use a hairspray or antibacterial spray for this) and spritzed the top of the water a few times until the polish broke apart and created the effect I was going for (which is this marbled effect that reminds me of cow hide or sea foam or something of the sort). Then, I dunked my nail into the water, used a toothpick to remove any remaining polish from the surface of the water BEFORE pulling my finger out of the water, and then removed my finger. I used nail polish remover and a cotton swab to clean up the areas where nail polish got on my skin.

Water Marbled Nails

I then added a few nail art studs and some topcoat finish the design.  This technique will work with any colors. This time around, I was going for a very simple, subtle look.

For a great video tutorial of this technique in a similar style, check out this video.

Happy Almost-Friday!


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