Midweek Manicure // Love and Valentines

The hubby and I had our first “real” date on Valentines Day several years ago. Note “real” in quotation marks as there is some debate between the two of us as to when our first date happened…. On that particular Valentine’s Day date, however, he took me out to dinner and gave me a very sweet card, a cute teddy bear, a necklace and some chocolates.  Go big or go home is his life’s motto, I think. This year for Valentines Day, we’ll be going back to the same restaurant, this time as husband and wife.

Valentine's Teddy Bear & Nail Art

Also this Valentines Day, I was approached by company called Brilliant Earth and asked to participate in their Create a Little Love Campaign. The campaign asks bloggers to incorporate the word “love” into a creative project that would then be shared in a blog post. Brilliant Earth offers ethical, conflict free jewelry and It. Is. Gorgeous. All of it. I was so flattered to have been contacted by this company to participate in a fun and creative Valentine’s Day project, and when I started researching more about them, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found – not to mention that I learned a lot about mining processes, ethics, and why we should care about where our jewelry comes from (the same way people are more and more concerned about where their food or clothes come from).

Of course I did a little window shopping while I was at it, too. Hubby already knows about the earrings and rings (and other rings) that are on my wishlist.  :)

Love Valentines Day Nails

 I knew right away that my creative project for Brilliant Earth would involve nail art.

I used:

  • Orly base coat
  • Essie Swizzle Stick – used for the dark pink on several fingers
  • Ulta Snow White – the white background color for the “Love” nails and the polka dot nails
  • Confetti Dance Party Pink -for the light pink polka dots
  • Dotting tool – you could also use a bobby pin or toothpick to create the polka dots
  • Milani silver glitter stripper polish for the one silver nail on my right hand
  • 3mm square nail art studs – I placed three in a row on my thumb, and one on the index finger of my opposite hand
  • Black sharpie – I used this to spell out the word love – LO on my ring finger and VE on my middle finger. I find I have better control with a sharpie than with paint and a brush. Just be sure to add a top coat when it’s dry, otherwise the marker ink rubs off very easily
  • Seche Vite top coat

Love Mani

I close to paint a different design on each nail to represent the fact that love is many things. It’s romantic, simple, complicated, honest, fun, sweet, sexy..and a bunch of other adjectives, yet at the same time, completely indescribable. The love D and I share has multiple layers. There’s our romantic love, our best-friend love,  our business-partner-like love, our growing unconditional love, and so on. At the risk of sounding cheesy: love is like an onion. It has many layers and as each day passes, it gets better and better as those layers unfold. Every day I look forward to what’s next on our love’s journey, no matter what adventure life brings us, love is always at the center of our relationship.

Love Nail Art

A happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Visit Brilliant Earth website and their blog to learn more about their Create a Little Love Campaign.


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