Midweek Manicure // Galaxy Nails

Celestial Nails

I’ve been wanting to try galaxy nails for a while! Finally did it, and all it took was a few “supplies.”


I used:

  • Base Coat
  • Essie Licorice
  • A small cosmetic sponge
  • China Glaze Frostbite
  • OPI Can’t Find my Czechbook
  • Orly Swizzle Stick
  • China Glaze Fairy Dust (very finely milled glitter in this polish)
  • Any polish with large pieces of glitter in it, or loose large-size glitter (optional)
  • Top Coat

After painting on a base coat and two coats of Essie Licorice as my black base coat I got out my makeup sponge. I painted a bit of the darkest blue color (Frostbite) onto the sponge, and then dabbed it on to each finger. Next I did the same with a lighter blue (Can’t Find my Czechbook) and with a pinky-purple color (Swizzle Stick).

Galaxy Nail Detail

I used the sponge to basically blend out all the colors so they create a milky-way looking background. Then, I painted a coat of a sparkly polish with very fine pieces of glitter in it (Fairy Dust) and it magically resembled a galaxy! You can also use a toothpick to dot on bigger pieces of glitter in various places – for this I just used a toothpick to  fish out pieces of glitter from another polish with big chunks of glitter in it, and placed it on my nail.

Celestial Galaxy Nails

For a good video tutorial, click here.


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