Midweek Manicure // Adventures in Plaid

Happy Hump Day!

Plaid Nail Tape Mani

This was a relatively ambitious one. I used nail tape to achieve the plaid design. I’m in a love hate relationship with nail tape at this point. Has anyone else used it? How do you get it to not want to peel off after a few days?! Apparently multiple coats of top coat are not enough?  Anyway…

In addition to a top and base coat , I used:

Blue and Silver Plaid Mani

To start, after a base coat I painted each nail with two coats of Keeping Suzi At Bay. Once dry, I started, one nail at a time, by cutting short strips of nail tape, and taping them on my nail in the pattern above to create a plaid effect. I used cuticle nippers to cut the nail tape in strips that were initially a bit longer than the area I needed them to cover. Once I placed the tape, I used cuticle nippers to cut it to the right length. Then one, two, three coats of top coat (!! – I had to get the tape to stay stuck down!) and I was ready to go.

Plaid Nails

They took me a while, but I think it was worth the effort (although some people might start to think I have too much time on my hands…)

Blue and Silver Plaid Nails


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