Midweek Manicure // Simple Single Stripe

This week has been a long one (and it’s not even Friday, yet!). I won’t go into details about it, but I did wear a shirt to work inside-out one day, and didn’t realize it until a pretty fair amount of time had gone by. That should tell you a little bit about where my head’s been at this week! I’ve been feeling just a bit overwhelmed lately. So, since my brain couldn’t handle too much, I went with a nice and simple mani this week.
brown & black simple stripe nail art

I also managed to take a whole bunch of photos of my nails before realizing my SD card was not in my camera. Yeah, one of those weeks.

I used:

  • OPI – A-Piers to be Tan (from their San Francisco collection, I really love this color)
  • Black striper polish

Brown/Black Stripe Mani

Relatively simple and pretty straight forward. I like the combination of the creamy warm brown and black together. Is it weird that it reminds me of tiger’s eye?

Happy Friday-Eve!


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