Midweek Manicure // ombre with some sparkle

It is becoming increasingly obvious that I really like cream polishes in neutral/nude/beige colors. I’m ok with that. It made this ombre mani really easy. :)

Ombre Nails with Sparkle Accent

I used:

I painted each nail like so:

Ombre Mani Colors

I also added a square metal stud to my thumb for a bit more…pizzaz? I used a little dab of top coat to affix the stud before coating the whole nail with topcoat to finish.

Purple Neutral Ombre Mani

This midweek mani looks an awful lot like an ombre mani I shared a little over a year ago, except that I achieved the ombre effect for that mani by adding varying amounts of white polish to the same base color. This time, I didn’t necessarily follow an ombre pattern in going from left to right/darkest to lightest and instead I used different polishes but made sure to keep the colors all in the same color-family (so much easier). I really didn’t pay too much mind to achieving any kind of gradient effect.

Thanks for reading!


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