Our Wedding Card Box

DIY Card Box

When I started thinking about our wedding reception must-haves (like the centerpieces, guestbooks and of course the card box), I realized that I’m incredibly picky. As far as a card box was concerned, I couldn’t find anything that I was happy with – not that there aren’t plenty of lovely ones out there, they just weren’t my style. So, I decided I wanted to DIY one, preferably from an old wooden box or crate, so that I could continue to use it beyond it’s card-holding duties at the wedding. So, we haunted antique and salvage stores for a few weekends until I found something that was the shape and size I wanted.  I’m so happy with how this box turned out. We found the old tool box for at a local architectural salvage shop and paid $10 for it. Then we brought it home and just prettied it up.

Here’s the before photo:

Salvaged Wooden Toolbox

As you can see the wooden crate had some water damage along the bottom and therefore needed a good amount of sanding. But all in all, it didn’t require too much work. Here’s a rundown of what we did to the thing:

  • Removed hinges
  • Sanded it down with a palm sander, inside and out
  • Wiped off any remaining sawdust and gave it two coats of wood stain, inside and out
  • Replaced hinges

DIY Wedding Card Box

I also created a little banner that, obviously, spelled “CARDS” across the front of the crate. To make that I used:

  • Wooden letters, purchased at Michaels craft store
  • Ivory spray paint
  • jute twine
  • hot glue & hot glue gun

After spray painting each letter, I used a glue gun to affix them to the twine, and tied each end of the twine onto either side of the crate so that the letters would hang nicely across the front of the box.

Salvaged Crate into Wedding Card Box

I was really pleased with how it turned out. It served its purpose quite well at the reception, and fit right in to the rustic barn setting. And the best part is that we can just remove the CARDS banner and continue to use the crate for whatever we want. I think one day it will look perfect in my dream house bedroom, filled with throw blankets…  :)


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  1. What a great project! I’ve added a link to one of our pinboards. Check them out at

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