Midweek Manicure // Back to basics…sorta

I kept it pretty simple this week…but with a twist!

Pink French Tips

Well, maybe two twists. I did a french manicure, but with pink tips (twist #1). The second twist is that it’s a gel manicure! For my birthday a few weeks ago, D bought me a gel manicure kit. I’ve been experimenting with it and I’m really liking it (which is a big difference from my earlier gel manicure experience).

I like doing the gel manicure on myself because I have more control over how it turns out, and I can easily soak the gel polish off. Last time I ended up peeling it all off after it started to chip, which was definitely not good for my nails.

I have the Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit. The polish cures using an LED light, instead of an ultraviolet light, so I like that about the kit, too.

Gel Polish

With the kit, I used two gel polish colors – the base color is Sensationail Evening Sand, and the pink is Red Carpet Manicure Oh So 90210.

Pink French Tip Gel Manicure

Just a simple french manicure. So far no chips thanks to the gel!


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