A Food Truck Festival

A few weeks ago, the city of Worcester held a food truck festival, and of course D and I went! The event in Worcester was put on by Food Truck Festivals of New England, which apparently is organized as a travelling festival of food trucks, that set up throughout New England with a wide variety of food trucks, many of which seemed to be based out of the eastern part of Massachusetts, in or around Boston.

Truck List

Of course we tried to sample a lot of stuff, but by the time I’d tried a few things I was completely stuffed (although not too stuffed for ice cream).

Food Trucks

Between the two of us, we sampled lobster (or lobstah!) rolls, pulled pork sammies, ribs, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, slush and ice cream (with a giant cookie on top).

Rainbow Slush

Cookie Monstah

D and I made sure to do a lot of walking afterwards, to make up for the giant hole I blew in my diet that day!

More Food Trucks

It was all quite delicious, and I hope they come back next year.

Cookies and Ice Cream


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