February Photo-a-Day Recap

February’s over, and I manged to [kinda] keep up with the photo a day challenge. How many of you followed along or participated? It was fun to see what others were posting (especially on days when I was lacking my own inspiration). Here’s a little recap of the instagram photos I shared for the challenge:

Febphotoaday1From left to right (sorta?):

  • Vintage, Angle, Game, Routine
  • Challenge, In My Hand
  • Self Portrait, Comfort, Hobby, Up

febphotoaday2From left to right:

  • Heart, Love Is…, Lights, Eyes (below)
  • Favorite Thing, Listening To…
  • Old Photo, Favorite Place, I Ate

19 out of 28 days ain’t so bad. And now I’m seeing a bunch of March Photo-a-Day photo prompt lists. But, I think I’ll sit out for March. Any of you thinking about a photo challenge? I think it might be fun to create my own to post on the blog for an upcoming month. If anyone has any nice photo-prompt or photo-challenge ideas, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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