Bridesmaids Dresses

Today is the day I go with my bridesmaids to pick out dresses! Very excited. Lots to think about. My bridal party is relatively small – 3 girlfriends and a flower girl. Some of the dress inspiration:

bridesmaids dresses

1.// Milly Bride. 2.// Weddings Unveiled. 3.// Style Me Pretty. 4.// Weddings Unveiled. 5.// J.Crew. 6.// Style Me Pretty. 7.// Style Me Pretty. 8.// 9.// For Her and For Him.

Between now and this afternoon’s appointment, I’ll try to figure out a color scheme. :)


4 thoughts on “Bridesmaids Dresses”

    1. Yes! I picked out my dress quite a while’s safe and sound somewhere D can’t find it. And we were able to decide on bridesmaid gowns yesterday so it’s nice to have all that figured out!

      1. Oh what a stress out of the way. In your search of dresses did you find bride’s dresses being not as traditional? I really like the knee and tea length brides dresses.

      2. Yes I saw a lot of shorter dresses. Some are really cute! And I think a lot of people opt for a short dress to change into for the reception. It only I actually had the money to buy two different dresses…!

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