Inspiration Sunday // Society6

Some weeknights involve D playing PS3 shoot-em-up games while I surf around on the interwebs and usually end up in the Pinterest vacuum. Eevery time I go on that site I get sucked into a never ending universe of visual material and minutes tick away until I look up an hour later and wonder where the time went. If only all the projects and ideas I pin onto my boards on pinterest were humanly possible for me to accomplish within my lifetime…

Anyway, during my last Pinterest visit, I stumbled upon this really cute art print (I shared it on the MixedMethod facebook page recently):

Be So Happy

The pin brought me to a site called Society6 – a site where artwork from thousands of artists is made available to order as prints. You can even choose from art prints made into iphone cases, stationery or t-shirts, among other options. Love. Since finding the site, I’ve been checking it out for different prints every chance I get. Here are few of my favorites:

Society6 Favorite Prints

From left to right:

Top Row 1.// French Poppa by Chris Piascik. ha. 2.// Cow Skull in Color Splash by Isabelle Dillard. I have a thing for skulls which I think originated in high school art class. 3.// Making Cereal by Emergency Compliment. I just want to frame this and put it near my fridge.

Middle Row 1.// Shower of Joy by Valentina. 2.// The Secret Life of Heroes – Batbrush by Greg Guillemin. This series is really cool. Some of the other pieces get a bit more…risque…but I love the concept. 3.// Vulpes vulpes by Robert Farkas.

Bottom Row 1.// Headdress by Amy Hamilton. 2.// Nesting by Danny Haas. 3.// Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off by Monica Gifford. I want to hang this in my kitchen, too.

I want them all! It seems impossible to not find something you’d like on this site. The best part is that they’re prints, so not only are they lovely works of art but they’re also affordable. I might have to create a giant wall of art prints.

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