February Photo-a-Day Challenge

Have you ever done a photo-a-day challenge on instagram? I did a sort-of-similar challenge in November (remember Instagratitude?), and  I’ve seen them floating around for a while, where you’re given a list of photo prompts for each day of the month and then upload your photos based on those prompts. I was tempted to join one in January, but never followed up. Now that February’s here, I think I’m up to the challenge. I’ll be sharing the photos on my instagram account. Here are the photo prompts for February from The Idea Room:

February Photo-a-Day Challenge

Be sure to check out The Idea Room’s post on the photo-a-day challenge for this month. I like her prompts because they are simple and allow lots of room for creativity. Plus, she makes it a point to say that if you skip a day – or 4 – it’s OK! I can work with that. Add the hashtag #idearoom to your instagram photos and follow along with others who are joining in like me!

What do you think? Will you join in?

It’s a short month so I think I’ll be able to pull this one off! :) Follow me on instagram @mixedmethod!


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