Midweek Manicure // Sephora by OPI Chic Prints

Happy Hump Day! This week I tried some Chic Prints from Sephora by OPI in “Tiger.” Much like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips, these are quick and easy to put on and don’t involve any drying time – always nice!

Sephora by OPI Chic Prints

As you might be able to tell by just looking at the shape of the little box of appliques, I’ve had these Chic Prints for years. I just never got around to using them I guess. They’ve been sitting in my little big nail polish box. I figured it was about time to use them. You just find the strip that fits your nail, warm them up by rubbing the strip a bit, peel it off and place it on your nail. Use a nail file to file off any strip excess that hangs over the end of your nail.

Tiger Chic Prints Mani

They came out…ok. As I said, I’ve had these for years and that might be why I had some trouble with getting them to stick on well and smooth out. Filing the edges off was a bit difficult and they didn’t have much flexibility. When compared to the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips I used a few months ago, I liked those a lot better as they were a bit easier to work with. But by now (meaning about 3 years later…) I think that Sephora by OPI has probably improved their formula for these appliques….IF they even sell them anymore?? It looks like they’re now marketing their nail polish strips as “Trend Tips.” Sephora by OPI Tiger Chic Prints Mani

These tiger print nails remind me of the tiger print mani I shared almost a year ago. I’ll have to pick up some Trend Tips on my next trip to Sephora to see if those strips are any different. But for now, I’m loving me some animal print!


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