Easy DIY Holiday Garland

Hello! Last week I shared my glittery reindeer silhouette that’s sitting atop my fireplace mantle (which is really a pellet stove mantle…) and hanging below the reindeer across the mantle is a paper garland I made last week. Here’s how I made it:

DIY Paper Garland

I used my Silhouette to cut circle shapes (some with a scalloped edge, some without) – a circle cutter would work just fine as well. Then all I needed was some twine and glue. I used this paper stack.

Paper Circles

I assembled the circles in the same way I assembled the paper ornaments I posted last week (at On the Side after Five) – folding each circle in half and then gluing one half to another half of a paper with a different pattern/color.

How to assemble paper circles

As I was gluing them together, I made sure glue the twine down the center of the shape I was building.

One paper bauble for garland

I continued building the little baubles along the string about every 6 inches.I’m calling them “baubles” because I’m not sure what else to call them. Plus, “baubles” is a fun word. Every other bauble was scalloped.

Paper Circle Garland

Then, I strung them up on my mantle. I also strung a beaded silver garland that my mom gave me out of her Christmas “stuff.” I think the whole project took me a little over an hour and now I have a cute little paper garland decorating the fireplace!

DIY Christmas Paper Garland

Pay no mind to the fallen-over pot in the corner there. I just noticed it. ha…

Happy Crafting!

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