A Short Catharsis

Lately I’ve been feeling mega-stressed. Usually I’m pretty calm, cool, and collected (just like a cucumber) but it seems like the stress of the holidays has just joined forces with a lot of the other stressors in my life. Between working full time, volunteering for the local preservation organization (and sitting on two committees there as well), my new Jafra business, getting in shape, Church commitments, friendships, family, a dog who becomes a terror if he doesn’t get enough exercise or brain stimulation at all hours, planning a wedding (!!), planning finances, and this blog, running around these last few weeks is pushing me toward a mini brain melt-down. I love being involved in all of the these things, and I like to stay busy, but I’ve decided I need to take a step back, and that’s OK. In fact, I think the main reason why I’m working out like a crazy person and not seeing any results is because my body is in stress-mode. Oh, and then there’s just all that random drama that comes my way via friends and family who have overly complicated lives themselves. oof.

It's Ok to be Happy with a Calm Life
Photo via melodyross.com

I’ve become a chronic multi-tasker. I can’t even watch my favorite TV show without trying to blog or craft or pin at the same time. And I know that’s not just me. It seems like society glorifies being busy. Women are wives, mothers, bread-winners, entrepreneurs and homemakers all at the same time. If you’re a celebrity, you’re all of those things plus an actress, and singer and philanthropist who has their own production company and makeup line. Yeah, maybe I shouldnt be comparing myself to the likes of JLo, but you can’t deny that us women are expected to be busy 24/7.

I’m getting married in about 9 months (eek!) and as the New Year is almost here, I’m resolving to not let anything or anyone (or myself) interfere with what is supposed to be one of the happiest times of my life. Being involved is great, but learning to say ‘no’ is ok, too! So, I’ve started to manage my volunteer time in a way that makes sense for me in my life. I’ve also decided to be conscious about spending less time, money and energy on things that just end up stressing me out in the long run. Time to take a step back, and give it to God.

3 thoughts on “A Short Catharsis”

  1. Great post! I know exactly how you feel to an extent. Take care of yourself and remember you come first because if you’re not feeling on your game than its harder to be there for others! :) happy holidays. I love your blog.

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