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My Top 10 Free Fonts

I’ve been downloading lots of free fonts lately, I guess in preparation for the many wedding-related things I want to do. They’re fun to use for all sorts of projects, and are all about a zillion times better than comic sans (in my humble opinion). I decided I’d round up my current top 10 for ya’ll, with links! Let me know what you think!

top 10 free fonts

Throw My Hands Up in the Air. Lavanderia. Pea Ellie Bellie. Lobster Two. Pea Sandra Dee. Airplane. Simply Glamorous. Quaver Sans. Matilde Sketch. Wish I Were Taller.

Kevin & Amanda is one of my favorite sites for finding lots of fun fonts.

Go crazy! And don’t forget to VOTE today!

7 thoughts on “My Top 10 Free Fonts”

    1. Yes, definitely! Thanks for sharing, Lael! The Kevin & Amanda site offers that service, too. It’s really cool. If only I liked my handwriting enough to think it would make a good font! hah

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